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Single-ring drivetrains are no longer just found on gravity bikes. Riders who desire the simplicity and dependability of a single-ring drivetrain but require compact front gearing for truly exploring all of the mountain now have a dedicated guide – the Micro Guide. With recent advances in 10 and 11 speed gearing, it’s now possible to get a wide range of gearing while using just a single, compact chainring and the Micro Guide. Designed for 28-32t chainrings and incorporating MRP’s patented integrated skid, the Micro is a blessing for aggressive all-mountain and 29? riders who were previously unwilling to give up a “low” gear. The modular skid design of the Micro allows the user to remove it when deemed unnecessary for the terrain, but retain the lower chain retention function of the guide.

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44 Micro Switch fork hose guide

I picked up a second hand Marzocchi 44 fork and it didn't come with the plastic guide and bolts. Only thing I can find is the North Shore Billet ones...but it doesn't specify if it comes with bolts or not like the Fox and RS versions. Does anybody know what the thread and pitch of the fitting bol ... Read More »

Marzocchi 55 Micro Ti Service Manual/Guide

I've been riding a marzocchi 55 micro ti on my trail bike for a year or so without any service. It has recently developed a lot of stiction and the damping performance isn't as good as it used to be. I looked online but wasn't able to find any service manuals or maintenance guides. Does anyone ... Read More »

Intalling MRP Micro chain guide on Tallboy

Hope you guys can help me out with this. Most of my parts are coming together for my build. My guide came in yesterday and have some installation questions. This isn't the long travel Tallboy, so no iscg tabs for me. I'm also running a 1x10 setup with an XO rear derailleur and a 12-36 cassette. F ... Read More »

Micro Guide & Middleburn RS7's

I just can't seem to get these two to work together. With the largest spacer's installed, the crank arms will rub up hard against both the top and bottom guide. Remove the spacers and having the guide mounted flush I'll loose the chain line and the ring comes up hard against the inner top guide. A ... Read More »

Micro Drive & Guide

A couple of days ago I exchanged a few emails with Sean from Canfield HQ. I was originally fishing for a little info on both the 9t hub and what they are planing to do for chain retention. My question's were more specific to a 10 speed application. It's not much info but I reckon it's pretty e ... Read More »

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