MRP G3 Chain Accessories

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Product Description

The G3 features MRP’s patented integrated skid, which protects critical drivetrain components like the crank and chainring from damage and glides over rocks and obstacles. New to the G3, the skid and lower guide are combined into one solid structure. By unifying these two parts, we’ve made the portion of the guide most exposed to damage able to take hit after hit. The skid and lower guide also feature our new attachment system, the Swingset. The Swingset system features a pivot at the forward skid mount that allows the skid to swing down for super easy crank and chainring installation. This feature along with the retained and pivoting upper guide allow for quick and frustration-free installation – achievable with just one single 4mm HEX wrench.

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G3 guide available on ibis website

G3 guide just got put up on today.Read More »

G3 magic link

Hey there. I have a 2010 Abra Cadabra and Ive heard that it is possible to buy a G3 magic link kit for it. So far I cant find any info on them. Any one know the cost and where it can be ordered from? ThanksRead More »

MRP G3 upper guide vs G2 upper guide

Hello all. Currently am running a mini G2 guide on my Transition Trans Am. Read a few reviews and some info on the new G3 guide online and there was mention of the addition of material that deadens the noise from the chain slapping the upper guide. I was wondering if anyone's run the new G3 g ... Read More »

MRP G3 (g2?)

Anyone running a new G3 on their Nomad? I just put on and it does fit, but I sure do wish I could rotate it a little more without it hitting the chain stay... Hope the chain doesn't hit the top guid under heavy compression in the 36T cog.Read More »

Mrp g3?

Where can I buy this sucker? ISG 05. Mini, not mega.Read More »

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