e*thirteen SS.FS Chain Accessories

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Product Description

  • Utilizes World Cup winning guide design
  • Now includes the all new Turbocharger bashguard
  • Lightweight, chrome plated steel backplate
  • New Tech 3 Stealth Idler
  • Backplate designed to fit even more frame designs

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Paid FS: DT240 SS/Stan's Arch rear wheel

[url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=95031]SS 29 rear : DT 240 SS hub/Stan's Arch rim - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url] The Chris King 18t cog in the photo is included. In my haste, I forgot to specify that in the ad. Thanks for looking!Read More »

Question for those SS'ers that also have an FS

For you SS'ers that have an FS as a second bike, what brand/model is it? Are you able to comfortably ride in the same style you would on your SS? Are you able to stand and mash or do you spend more time sitting and spinning?Read More »

Paid Spam - FS, Gary Fisher Rig SS 29er (L)

[url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=88127&title=gary-fisher-rig-29er-singlespeed-19-quot&cat=5]Gary Fisher Rig 29er Singlespeed 19" - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url] Selling my Gary Fisher Rig SS 29. 19" / 48cm frame (MTB size L) 2011 frame, bo ... Read More »

Two 29ers FS and Rigid SS - One Tubeless Wheelset?

I have an '08 rigid SS El Maraiachi and '12 Spearfish. The WTB Wierwolf 2.55s are going bald on my Mariachi, so I was looking at new tires. I also need tires on my Spearfish because I don't like the stock Rapid Robs. I was thinking of getting my first tubeless wheelset. I saw Easton Havens on sal ... Read More »

FS to SS :D

Hello , i want to convert my fs to single speed , so i want a cheap chain tensioner . [url=http://viewitem.eim.ebay.gr/Diamondback-Single-Speed-Sprung-Bike-Chain-Tensioner--Jockey-Roller/161013456797/item]Diamondback Single Speed Sprung Bike Chain Tensioner - Jockey Roller | eBay[/url] Is ... Read More »

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