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E.thirteen SS+ Chainguide 32-36t: Updated, SRS+ based chainguide with a steel backplate. Fixed position wearplates for no-hassle setup, includes Turbocharger bashguard. BB adapter plate included with ISCG-05 models only. 258g...

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Does anyone run a chain tensioner and chain guide on their SS?

Ok, I started a build that was originally going to be a 1x9, however I love single speeding so much that I would rather build another SS have 2 in the stable. Question is, I've already purchased an MRP chain guide and wonder if I should utilize it on my SS. So, anyone else use both a tensioner and ... Read More »

Anybody use DH lower guide with ISCG tabs to tension SS chain?

There's a really rad SS race coming up this fall that I'd like to race in but have sold my singlespeed. My Paradox has ISCG05 tabs and I was thinking to use the lower roller and backplate from a spare E13 LG1 guide to tension the chain. Seems like it would work in theory but not sure if pedall ... Read More »

E13 DRS Dual Ring Chain Guide on SS v1

anybody running E13 DRS Dual Ring Chain Guide on SS v1? I am not having any luck installing this guide in my SS v1. my inner ring is hitting the guides plate and my front der is hitting my guard. Any suggestions? Should I just get a longer bb spindle? ThanksRead More »

Dual Chain Guide for 09 SS ... e13 DS or Blackspire Stinger?

Hi, building up an 09 SS and looking for a chainguide for a dual ring setup with hone cranks. Will either the e13 DS or Blackspire Stinger fit easily? Are the ISCG 05 or BB versions a better fit? Are there any other options I should be looking at? Would prefer to keep the filing and grinding to a mi ... Read More »

7 gears on a Hope Pro2 SS hub and a prototype chain guide

I recently added gears to my SS and experimented with a 1x7 setup on a Hope pro 2 SS hub (usally you run 1-6 cogs on them). I modified a DA cassette to get the 7:th cog fitted with a little overhang towards the spokes, gear ration is 38/12-14-16-17-19-21-23. To get the X.0 gears to run the 12T cog I ... Read More »

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