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    bottom bracket-mounted chain tensioners

    just curious about general SS setups, why are bottom bracket-mounted chain tensioners not more popular? I am thinking of stuff like the [URL="http://www.yesspro.com/product/etrb-bb-chain-tensioner/"]Yess ETR/B[/URL] and the [URL="http://www.blackspire.com/qs/product/83/5947/263221/0/0"]Blackspire St ... Read More »

    PAID SPAM: Chain Tensioners and Forward Concept EBB

    These are listed in the classifieds. $100 for the [URL="http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=88183&cat="]Forward Concepts EBB[/URL] $30 for the [URL="http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=88182&cat="]Rennen Rollenlager [/URL] $40 for the [URL="http://classifieds.mtb ... Read More »

    Pics of DIY Chain Tensioners

    I thought I remember seeing a thread on this but cant locate it. I would be interested in seeing how people have come up with DIY solutions for a chain tensioner that actually work in the field (other than a full derailleur) Thanks,Read More »

    Airborne Wingman - Chain Tensioners

    What chain tensioners are those of you with Wingman's using? I have found it difficult to find ones that fit over the thick rear of the frame and have the right bend. Also, do you really crank down your rear bolts? I am having issues with my rear wheel shifting a bit coming down from a jump at ... Read More »

    Best Chain Tensioners for Wingman

    In all the reviews, they said the thing that stood out is that the wingman needs an easy fix of a chain tensioner on the horizonal droupout. I have been looking around, but I wanted to know if anyone had suggestions on the best chain tensioner for the Wingman? Thanks!Read More »

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