Sachs 6 Speed Freewheel Cassette

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Best 6 Speed Freewheel Replacement

I need to replace a 6 speed Shimano HG chain & freewheel (13-30). What's the best replacement frewheel? It doesn't have to be NOS. I see lot's of Tourneys. Anybody have a good source for a HG freewheel? Thanks!Read More »

Replace 6-speed freewheel with 8 or 9 speed?

I just picked up a 2003 Specialized Hotrock 20 6-speed boys of Craigslist. It's not a bad bike but I am going to swap out the twist shift for some sort or trigger. While I do this this I am wondering if I can upgrade the rear of the bike. Currently the bike has a Shimano HG 14-28 6 speed freewheel ... Read More »

Rear BMX hub take 6 or 7 speed freewheel?

I'm looking to put lighter 24" wheels on my sons Specialized mtn bike. Good 24" mtn wheels are hard to come by. I am finding some light 24" bmx race wheels. I know they take a 1 speed freewheel. Does anyone here know if a rear bmx hub will take a 6 or 7 speed freewheel? thanks in advanceRead More »

how to take apart old 6 speed freewheel?

Is there a way to make an old thread-on 6 speed freewheel into a singlespeed? I know you can just remove the multispeed freewheel, thread on a BMX freewheel, and respace/redish the wheel. But is there an easy way to have 'spacers' on a multispeed? I remember seeing it once before. In the meantim ... Read More »

6 speed freewheel replacement questions...

I bought a $50 beater bike for a commuter project. In the course of tuning it up I discovered that the rear freewheel wobbles around the rear axle. I ruled out the wheel bearings and the rear axle as potential sources of the problem, so I concluded I'll have to replace the freewheel which seems to ... Read More »

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