Odyssey BMX Freewheel Cassette

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Odyssey 13 tooth freewheel.

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Rear BMX hub take 6 or 7 speed freewheel?

I'm looking to put lighter 24" wheels on my sons Specialized mtn bike. Good 24" mtn wheels are hard to come by. I am finding some light 24" bmx race wheels. I know they take a 1 speed freewheel. Does anyone here know if a rear bmx hub will take a 6 or 7 speed freewheel? thanks in advanceRead More »

BMX freewheel vs SS

So this might be a really dumb question but: What's the difference between a BMX freewheel and some of the expensive SS freewheels? I've noticed that there is a large price difference and my LBS only has BMX so I would have to order one. I'm guessing that weight has something to do with it as ... Read More »

Quietest BMX Freewheel.

Just wondering what are the quietest BMX freewheels out there? Thanks!Read More »

Phil / bmx / SS freewheel removal?

A question for all you pro / semi pro mechanics. How the hell do you remove a SS freewheel from a Phil hub. The axle spacer does not allow the tool to reach the freewheel. I hear you need to "pound out" the axle and bearings first. I could drill out the center of my Shimano tool to clear the spacer ... Read More »

BMX / SS freewheel removal tips?

[FONT="Arial"]I am attempting to remove my freewheel cog from my SS. I purchased a new wheel. I have the 4 pronged tool, and am following the directions from park tool. turning counter clockwise. I still cant get the thing to budge. i am using the largest crescent wrench I own (a 10"), and I sti ... Read More »

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