Yokozuna Derailleur Cables

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High-grade raw materials, flexibility, strength,Tight construction and quality control, all properties of a Yokozuna cable. You can actually feelThe difference betweenThese and a low cost cable just byTouch! High grade stainless steelTightly wound Smoother feelThan PTFE coated cables Includes crimp Made in Japan Length 2100mm

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Front derailleur downshift issue

I just bought a Nishiki Colorado 26" and I am having an issue with down shifts. My other bike is Author Stratos road bike that I have never had an issue with, but this new to me bike has me stumped. It upshifts fine, but the 2-1 downshift hangs up and sometimes will not downshift at all with out my ... Read More »

Shimano Deore XT front derailleur advice needed.

I also asked this on another forum with a lot of bike mechanics. Since you guys are more familiar with the nuances of mountain bike components, I figured that I'd ask here as well. I'm building up a new mountain bike with all Deore XT Dyna-Sys components. It's going to be a 2x10 set up and I have e ... Read More »

Did i do this right? Shimano zee shadow rear derailleur

Did I install this thing correctly? Or should I have taken out the optional "B" link? There was a SRAM X7 on here before. 2014 Kona Process. It shifts really well the way it is though....so maybe I do have it right...? [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/30agz61.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

Mooto XZ v.1 front derailleur

Just discovered that I can't use an e-mount front derailleur because of the large pivot so looking for specs on band. Have a bunch in bin so 34.9? and what pull, swing? Running XT 2 speed crank (Race). Your experience appreciated.Read More »

Will Shimano breakaway derailleur bolt fit Sram?

I have a Shimano XTR Rapid Rise derailleur on a frame without a replaceable hanger. I got some breakaway bolts and was wondering if they will fit my buddy's Sram derailleur as he has the same frame? Anyone know the answer?Read More »

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