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Nokon Derailleur Kit Cables

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Are Germans more precise engineers? Or are we merely marveling at a tiny subset of the population that seems to come up with amazing solutions for just about everything? Regardless, Nokon cable housing was brought to life by those same amazing Germans. As opposed to standard housing, which either has wound metal or straight metal sheathed in plastic, Nokon uses aluminum sockets that have bulbs on the end of each socket. The result is a light, stiff housing system that can make impressively tight bends and won?t rust. Inside the aluminum housing is a Teflon liner that the cable travels on with near frictionless efficiency. Each kit comes with enough housing for a complete bike and two derailleur cables. Available in Black, Blue, Red or Silver.

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LX M581 Derailleur small parts kit?

Does anyone know where to purchase a Hangar/Pivot B-screw kit for a Shimano.LX M581 rear derailleur? Universal Cycles has them but no listing of the LX581. I would just like to get it back together as a back up .Read More »

Jagwire Ripcord DIY Derailleur kit - question.

Just picked up a kit for my build and had a few questions about the small parts/accessories. Since I will be running full length housing, I will not be using the liner at all. I assumed that the kit is enough to do both front and rear derailleur, but the accessory bag only came with (1) end ca ... Read More »

X.5 Derailleur Hanger Bolt Kit needed

When I bought my Trek 6000 (used), the hanger stop for the SRAM X.5 derailleur was missing. I have looked around for one, but I have been told I need to get the bolt kit, but I can't seem to find one for a '09 X.5, only the 5.0, 7.0, X.7, X.9 and X.0. Does anyone know if any of these bolt kits a ... Read More »

Whats the best Derailleur//brake cable kit

was wondering what would be the best derailleur/brake cable kit out there for me,im running shimano xt shifters and xt v-brakes im looking between Gore ride-on,Jagwire ripcord set,or just a set of shimano xtr cables any input would be greatRead More »

Gore RideOn Sealed Low Friction Mountain Derailleur Cable Kit

Looking to buy this kit, but when you read the reviews, 50% of the people say to get the XL kit. Clearly this is bike specific, so I was wondering if anyone with MKIII uses these and what kit worked for them. Don't want to pay an extra $10 for the XL kit if I don't need it.Read More »

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