Shimano BB92 Bottom Bracket

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Along with BB86, this Shimano BB92 Bottom Bracket is part of the new pressfit standard. It offers frame designers a little more room for new designs in seat/down tubes and rear suspension layout. Where a typical mountain bike has a 68 or 73mm bottom bracket shell width, a BB92 equipped bike has a shell that measures 91.5mm wide. A BB92 shell lacks internal threads and has a 41mm inside diameter.This Shimano BB92 Bottom Bracket is made to press right into your bike. It will mate your Shimano HollowTech crankset to any frame equipped with a BB92 bottom bracket shell. This bottom bracket comes with two steel cartridge bearings pressed into composite cups. The cups increase the outside diameter of the assembly to 41mm to match the i.d. of the frame's bottom bracket shell. There is a 1.75mm thick outer lip that provides a positive stop for the cups when you press them into place. Shimano includes their standard plastic o-ringed inner sleeve to protect against water damage should it find a way inside your frame. It uses black plastic dust shields that snap into the inner race of each bearing.*Note: BB91 and BB92 are identical bottom brackets.

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How to fit your Hammerschmidt to your new BB92 frame - it can be done!

So I have just bought a 2015 Giant Reign, and I had really wanted to fit my Hammerschmidt from my old bike. Yes, I know everyone thinks Hammerschmidts are way too heavy, but for me it is in the same category as a dropper post – I happily accept the weight penalty because of how capable it makes the ... Read More »

BB92 and Hammerschmidt compatibility?

Hi there, I have no idea about bottom brackets standards hence the question: can you fit a Hammerschmidt crank into a frame that has BB92 press fit bottom brackets and ISCG 05 tabs? The bike in question is Lapierre Zesty 527. Thanks. Sent from my GT-N7100 using TapatalkRead More »

bb91 vs bb92 bottom bracket

I read somewhere these two are the same. Meaning I could use either in my frame which is designed for a bb92 (pf92) bracket. Is this true?Read More »

BB92 Bottom Bracket Replacement Recommendation

As the title says, looking to replace my Shimano BB92 press fit. The bearing in the non-drive side is starting to grind and my crank doesn't spin as smooth. I'm pretty certain I can't simply replace the bearing and that the whole BB needs to be replaced so here's why I'm asking for recommendations. ... Read More »

Shortest cranks available for BB92?

Due to a knee injury I need cranks that are 130-150mm long. Does anyone have any ideas of available products - or mods - I could use to get this with my BB92 setup? Thanks so much.Read More »

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