FSA Titanium Spindle Bottom Bracket

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FSA Titanium Spindle

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Titanium Spindle For Point One Podiums

I'm aware that titanium spindles from other brands can sometimes be switched out for a pedal's stock steel spindles. Are there any titanium spindles which would fit the Podiums? Any idea why Point One doesn't offer titanium spindles as an option? They'd probably save about 25 grams per pedal... ... Read More »

Titanium aftermarket spindle for bebop pedals?

I bought a set of stainless bebop pedals and want to upgrade to titanium axles. The stock titanium pedal is ridiculously $$$ and not much lighter. Anyone have a lead on a source of reliable titanium spindles? Any other tuning tips for these pedals? I weigh about 180-185 lbs with gear if that makes a ... Read More »

24mm diameter, square tapered, titanium spindle

Can anyone point me to where I could find a square tapered spindle (square tapered on both ends, akin to a BMX spindle) which is 24mm in diameter and is ideally 125mm long? _MKRead More »

New titanium eggbeater spindle from Ebay

Since this was brought up recently in a post I thought I'd document the weight difference and savings you get by swapping out the stock steel spindle in a pair of eggbeaters, for a shorter spindle made of titanium that has been for sale on Ebay recently. Supposedly these are made from a much stronge ... Read More »

Generic titanium spindle for WellGo pedals

on the wellgo website it says that for the Ti spindlned LU-939 the pedal is aroudn 50g lighter but i cant see an option on the site to purchase a titanium spindle ? Does anyone know about this ... would it be a generic part perhaps common to other maes of pedal ? Would appreciate any help on this. ... Read More »

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