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The Forward Components eccentric bottom bracket allows you to install an eccentric bottom bracket on any bicycle frame. You can instantly convert your bicycle for singlespeed or internally geared hubs. Whether you are building up a new frame for derailleur free riding, or rebuilding an older frame, this eccentric bottom bracket is the ideal solution.

The forward components EBB is available for road or off road use. Consult with manufacturer or retailer regarding crankset compatibility.

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Eccentric Bottom Bracket

I recently purchased a NOS Santa Cruz Chameleon that has an eccentric bb installed and have no clue what can be done with the bb. If i want to put a standard crank 3x9 or 2x10 on this bike will i need to replace the EBB? Can it even be removed from the bike? [ATTACH=CONFIG]928300[/ATTACH]Read More »

Adjust eccentric bottom bracket (EBB) on Gary Fisher Rig

I'm having problems adjusting EBB on my Gary Fisher Rig SS. I've removed the outer set screw (bolt) and loosened the allen bolt on the non-drive side but I still can't rotate the bottom bracket. Am I missing a step? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!Read More »

Tensioner v. Eccentric Bottom Bracket

I am considering putting a Rohloff XL on my Fatbike (a Salsa Mukluk) in the spring. The frame has vertical drop outs and takes a 100mm threaded bottom bracket. I am wondering what the consensus is on the best way to obtain proper chain tension--tensioner (like the singulator) or eccentric bottom b ... Read More »

Inserts to take the place of an eccentric bottom bracket in an oversized shell?

I'm wondering if non-adjustable inserts exist to be used in an oversized bottom bracket shell intended for an eccentric bottom bracket. That is to say -- I don't need the function of the eccentric bottom bracket, and would rather replace it with a static interface. Inserts could simply be threaded f ... Read More »

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[url=]BEER Components Eccentric Bottom Bracket for PF30 Frames - Purple - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG]http:/ ... Read More »

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