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Thomson X2 Stem

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Product Description

The Thomson X2 features a lighter, 2-bolt handlebar clamp. In our testing we found that the 2-bolt handlebar clamp, with its patent-pending interlocking faceplate holds the bar as well as our earlier 4 bolt design.

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Hope race evo x2 VS new XTR race

Looking at new brakes for a hardtail. I've got XT trails on my current bike, I like them quite a bit, if i have to complain its that the initial bite is a little touchy and they feel vague deeper in the travel. but those are a HUGE improvement over the avids i had before. My priorities are.. 1. ... Read More »

What will Dot 5 Fluid do to my Hope EVO X2 brakes?

So I bled my brakes with Dot 5 instead of 5.1. Hope says to use Dot 4 or 5.1 only. I found this out later. They feel great and are quiet. There was a little foaming. Is the Dot 5 going to ruin my brakes or eat my seals. They sure handle the heat better than Dot 4 on big descents.Read More »

Gemini duo vs Gloworm X2 Spread/beam width??

The current shootout pics doesn't show the gloworm in the tunnel so I have no idea how wide and fat it spreads its photons comparatively. I currently have a xera flashlight and now I feel its too narrow for my commuting. Judging from the pics of the newest xera wired light it looks like pretty much ... Read More »

Giant Anthem X2 2008 Front Derailleur question

Hi Guys: I just bought a used 2008 Anthem X2 frame. The build so far is all good. The problem is the front derailleur. My XT front (FD-M751) wont fit. There is only about 2" of space to clamp to. Anybody have a Anthem that they could give me the model derailleur they have on it. I'm ru ... Read More »

X2 battery stats

Anyone have X2 data using the 2 cell battery? The site only shows run times for the 4 cell. Thanks...Read More »

Read More »




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