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Moots Open Trail Stem

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Product Description

This is the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament for bikes. The Moots Open Trail Titanium Stem may be the ultimate piece of bike bling. It tells other riders that this bike means business. The Open Trail is lightweight and super-tough, and because it's made from titanium, it absorbs vibration and it has no finite fatigue life. Translation: it will last forever. On top of that, the clamping systems are ultra-strong so you won't have to worry about failure while you pound down a nasty section of trail.

Moots Open Trail Stem Pro Review

I have been testing the new Moots Open Trail titanium mountain bike stem since late winter, and it is the best stem I have ever used, period. That is a very bold statement, but I have been through my share of stems, and they all have a certain feel and a set of characteristics, and the Open Trail stands at the forefront of stemdomhood (ok, I made the word up). Continue reading →

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