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Kona Jerk Stem

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Product Description

  • 6061 3D forged & machine aluminum
  • 50mm length o ±6 degree rise
  • 31.8mm bar bore

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Officer Jerk... Know any good traffic lawyers

Ok, so I was caught by a trooper speeding on my way to Colorado. 90 (supposedly) in a 65, just north of sunset crater in Flagstaff. Had my mountain bike and my kids bike (6 year old) on my bike rack. This rack fits into the hitch and looks like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]914258[/ATTACH] Officer d ... Read More »

Was I being an unsafe driver/jerk/both?

So, there's a 4 lane parkway in town (2 lanes each direction) with a full bike lane along the whole route. Bike lane must be 4-5 feet wide? I was coming back from mountain biking last weekend in my truck. There was a lady riding a road bike pulling some sort of 2 wheeled trailer. I think hauli ... Read More »

To the jerk leaving Sea Otter on Saturday...

I enjoyed Sea Otter this year, going with my family to take in the racing and all things bicycle. My wife and 15 year old daughter commented on the mellow vibe and friendly attitudes of all encountered. Once we were done my wife drove back to the hotel at Cannery Row and my daughter and I rode our ... Read More »

Dear jack off pro war f*&^face buttsniffing knee jerk pavolovian dirtbag

OK, I get it. You didn't like that I criticized the Afghanistan war. Now go hump a goat, in a cave, in Kandahar. And then come back and give me some more rep if you didn't like it. :rolleyes:Read More »

My bike is a jerk

lol not really but geez. So I thought I would be nice & buy her a new toy, a Race Face carbon seatpost. :thumbsup: Thing rides amazing, takes the "hardtail" out of the hardtail....seriously, best upgrade in a while. So first ride out, I get a stick 1/2 the size of my pinky go right through the ... Read More »

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