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Azonic Hollow Point Stem

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MSRP : $80.00

Product Description

Hollow Point Direct Mount Stem * Direct mount stem for FOX 40 & BOXXER Forks * CNC Machined 6061T6 Aluminum * 47mm & 52mm Extension * 0 degree rise * Weight: 170g

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IronHorse Hollow point 2003/4

I have what I believe to be a 2003/4 IronHorse FS MTB that was sold by Galyans in the past. NorthFace put their name on it. I acquired this bike project via a craigslist deal. The bike fits me but needs some work. I need a little help locating some parts for the DW pivot linkage. Sure would like ... Read More »

Hollow point spam

frame set for sale see it here [url]http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=18862&cat=3[/url]Read More »

hollow point MkIII VS MKIII comp

i'm new here and looking to step up to a FS bike from a old trek 930. I see that there is an '06 hollowpoint MKIII that has great reviews and then there is the new 07 MKIII comp. i couldnt find any specs on the 06 hollowpoint comp. only the sport model. besides the 1lb difference, and have 6" ... Read More »

ADVICE! '07 Fisher HIFI vs '06 Iron Horse Hollow Point MarkIII Trail

looking at all-mountain/ trail bikes. didn't want to go over $1200 but ohh well. i'm not really concerned about the 120 vs 140 travel. i'm told the frame on the Fisher is better and i like the adjustability of the rear shock but i think the componants and front fork are better on the MarkIII ... Read More »

04 Hollow point RL ??????????

I Was given a 04 Hollow point Expert RL that was riden maybe 3 or 4 times. I was wondering if any of you Ironhorse experts have any idea if there would any demand for it and what I could get for this bike if I tried to sell it?Read More »

Read More »




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