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Answer Stubby Stem

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Product Description

CNC machined from solid 6061 billet blocks.

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Looking for a specific XC frame with Stubby dimensions

Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Hi, after a lengthy discussion in the newbie section, I came to conclusion that with my specific case I need an XC Full Suspension frame that is at least 18” - 19” tube seat, 18-19” top tube, can’t be longer and has the most ... Read More »

Good FS XC bike for stubby legged guy

Hey all, Trying to get back into the sport after a long hiatus. Spent the last few years on the road, did a few centuries, and the occasional dirt ride on my 1998-99 Rocky Mtn. Element Race. I still like the RM fine, but the thing has been abused and neglected since I bought it, so the suspension ... Read More »

Garmin Edge 200 on short/stubby stem?

Has anyone mounted a Garmin Edge 200 on a short and stubby stem? By short and stubby, I mean 75 mm x 17 degree rise. Do you think those measurements are too short and stubby to effectively do it? If you think it would work, do you think the bottom edge of the unit would interfere with the top cap ... Read More »

Stubby legs + big Dummy

If there is any bike that would steer me away from my lime 1x1...this would be it.... A 650b Big Dummy. Being 5'3', with 28in legs (Too much info?), I gotta wonder if the sizing would work? Top tube is way more important but, with the load carrying ability this bike has, stand over has to be ... Read More »

Inner mount bar ends - stubby

Just mounted some old bar ends between brake and shifter. I had some old adjustable Profile bar ends, cut off the curved ends and repainted. Only had to move shifters about 1/4". Hopefully will provide another grip point when climbing n stuff. [IMG]http://i338.photobucket.com/albums/n410/jude2 ... Read More »

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