Felt 1.2 Carbon Seatpost

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With the Felt 1.2 Carbon Seatpost, Felt's engineers realized that a lightweight carbon fiber seatpost must be strong enough to handle the rigors of racing while damping road vibration to reduce fatigue and required a head adjustable enough to give nearly infinite position choice. The Felt 1.2 Carbon Seatpost features a alloy micro-adjust saddle clamp and a clear gloss finish.

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Bought a 2012 Cannondale Flash Carbon 1 ... and i forgot im a 6.2" 300lbs rider.

Hello guys! Im 6.2 tall and 300lbs. i live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Had Cannondales back in the 90s and, as most Cannondale fans, I love those bikes so much, i cant like any other brand better. Owned a 1993 Delta V 2000 and a 1997 Super V 2000. Rode other brands for some 10 years and now I decide ... Read More »

Scalpel Carbon 2 Vs. Anthem Advanced 1

Hey all, I'm upgrading to a race oriented full suspension 29er through my LBS. My team has a deal with both Cannondale and Giant and I'm looking at Giant's Anthem Advanced 1 and Cannondale's Scalpel 29er Carbon 2 Both bikes have their pros and cons as I see it but I'm looking for some advice f ... Read More »

Scalpel Carbon 2 vs. Anthem X Advanced 1???

Trying to make the decision between these 2, which one would you choose, and why? I can have either one from my LBS for very close to the same price. I demo'd the Scalpel and fell in love with it, haven't riden the Anthem yet, but plan to very soon. Thoughts appreciated!Read More »

2013 F29 Carbon 1 vs. Carbon 2...is the upgrade to Carbon 1 worth the price??

So, I'm debating between the 2013 F29 Carbon 1 and Carbon 2. For the longest time, I thought I only wanted the Carbon 2. Now, however, I'm debating do I shell out the extra $$ for the Carbon 1. So my question to the group is whether the extra $$ for the Carbon1 is justified. Is the upgraded fram ... Read More »

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