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DDG Mk 1 Seatpost

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Product Description

  • 350 mm long
  • Std sizes for general use
  • Available in polished silver
  • 26.8 & 31.4

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    RP23 Tune for Nomad MK 1.5

    Thinking of ditching the coil and going with an RP23 for my Nomad MK 1.5. I'm wondering what tune would work best. Would a RP23 with Rebound - L, Velocity - L, Boost 175 work ok?Read More »

    Set up Nomad Mk 1 + Fox 5.0, Coil

    Tried to search the forum and SC website with no luck. Have a Nomad Mk 1 + Fox Coil 5.0 that I need to set up properly. Anyone that knows were the "orignal" suggested set up can be found? Also, if there are ideas on better combinations please bring it on. I use the bike for light DH (with Ma ... Read More »

    Mk 1 SS vs Tracer VP

    After what seemed like forever I finished building up my Mk 1 Slopestyle. It weighed in at 33lbs with 2010 Van 36 RC2s and a Hope Pro2 wheelset. Lighter than I was expecting considering the frame is a large. After more time I actually rode it and was very surprised. Corners like a house fly, h ... Read More »

    Cannondale Prophet 1 or mk 2?

    I just had my vastly upgraded 07 prophet 4 stolen and now I'm gonna look at these 2 to replace them . The only quimms I have about both of them is : their suspension systems . I like the p 1 for its rp23 (my old p4 was equipped with that during is MLU) but the fork seems to be a step back in term ... Read More »

    Trance 1 ' 07 model vs. MK III Sport ' 07

    Knowing that these bikes are very close it is a tough choice to make. I want to do aggressive trail and XC but I don`t want to be afraid to do any small drops. The main difference between these 2 are in the parts specs but I am wondering which frame would hold up better and need less maintainence. I ... Read More »

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