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Just In: YEP Components Uptimizer Dropper Seatpost

The Yep Components Uptimizer dropper seatpost's smoothness and fluidity of the movement are excellent, the mechanical connection is reliable and quick, and the trick joystick remote with its 360 degree of actuation is superb, allowing either pushing or pulling lever action.   Read More »

First Look: X-Fusion Hilo SL Strate seatpost

X-Fusion has added an internally-routed version of the popular Hilo adjustable seatpost to their product line…we take a First Look here.    Read More »

Review: 9point8 Pulse Stepper Seatpost

9point8's Pulse seatpost is a new entry into the market of on-the-fly adjustable seatposts. Mechanically actuated, manufactured in North America; its key differentiator is that it has a lever that looks like a mini brake lever and steps up and down in .5mm increments.   Read More »

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Thudbuster ST Seatpost - New and old elastomer - differencies ?

:) Hi all , i just ordered the short travel post :) . While waiting for it to arive on my door step , i searched the net some more . Found out , that the new elastomers are made of natural rubber - and are all black in color. The "old" ones were made of MCU and were different color , de ... Read More »

Inbred seatpost length?

Hello everyone, I just picked up a 18" Inbred frame in the 26" wheel size. I need to get a seatpost for the bike but am unsure what length I should get. I am 5'11" and have about a 34" inseam. Can anyone tell me if a 350mm seatpost is long enough? ThanksRead More »

seatpost collar 2012 Anthem X 29er

What is the outside diameter of the seattube on a 2012 Anthem X 29er? I need to get a new seatpost collar.Read More »

Seatpost - 27.2 vs. 27.3

I've got a '98 YBB that I built up from a purchased frame. I cheaped out on the seatpost and got a generic post and quick-release clamp in size 27.2mm. It's all but impossible to get it tight enough, so I'm wondering if I just need a "better" post in size 27.2 or do I need a 27.3, which I see is s ... Read More »

Seatpost connecting pin

Please help me find this part: [url]http://reviews.mtbr.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/kcnc_pin.jpg[/url] So I'm venturing myself to build my own Seatpost, I already have pair of Ti bolts/ home made carbon cradle/Carbon tube its in the mail, Yokes I know were to find...but this little guy I ju ... Read More »

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