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WTB Rocket V Saddle

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WTB Rocket V SLT real Carbon Fiber?

Recently bought the WTB Rocket V SLT saddle, It has real leather and Titanium rails but was wondering if the carbon fiber supports are real carbon fiber or not. Its also listed as having Kevlar which I assumed was the side scuff area material, but when researching carbon fiber I came across Carbon f ... Read More »

seats: wtb pure v vs rocket v vs race v

I read a lot of folks using the pure v. Wondering how it compares to rocket v and race v. Why the pure vs the other options?Read More »

Best deal on WTB Rocket V SLT?

I bought one off of Chainlove for a great deal and turns out my butt LOVES it so I wanted to pick up another but can't come by a deal anywhere. Anyone seen any deals on them? thanksRead More »

WTB Vigo Saddle, can anyone compare it to a Rocket V for me?

I've been riding Rocket V saddles for about 4-5 years now and am wanting to change to something just a tad wider. I really like the Rocket V, but I think my sit bones could be a little happier with something slightly wider. I however don't want something that is going to be a pain getting back be ... Read More »

WTB Rocket V rails bending. Normal?

I'm 5'11" 185 lbs. I've been hearing a disturbing creeking in what sounded like my seat post area so I checked over everything and found this under my saddle. I looked for other people mentioning this but didn't find any with pictures. Is this a normal thing? Might have to get the Ti rails on my nex ... Read More »

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