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WTB Pure V Race Saddle

4.05/5 (39 Reviews)
Weight : 355 grams MSRP : $54.99

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Product Description

WTB designed the Pure V Race Saddle to do one thing, and that's to keep you insanely comfortable on long rides. The drop nose keeps it from snagging on your shorts, while the cutout at the rear of the saddle aids in blood flow. As a result, both numbness and discomfort are combated. The cover is...

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by tigris99 a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: April 4, 2014

Strengths:    Smooth, light, comfortable, quality made

Weaknesses:    wasnt free

Bottom Line:   
OK cant say enough good things about this saddle. Im a 270 lbs clyde. was using a bontrager gel commuter seat before but it has limits. Weight, bulky, hard to do long rides with cycling shorts (better with just gym shorts if more than 20-45mins long ride in warm weather). Also was hard to move my behind around to shift my weight. Pure V fixed all of that. Not great for comfort without padded shorts, but ok for short quick rides. But with padded shorts on I feel like the seat was built special just for me. And shifting weight around is so much easier and smoother. Not to mention getting seat position where I needed it was much easier too.

If your a bigger guy (or girl) seriously look at this saddle, its the best ive sat on yet!!!

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Bike Setup:   Trek 29er HT

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Antonio a Weekend Warrior

Date Reviewed: June 11, 2013

Strengths:    Very, very, very...let me just say very comfortable! The first saddle in many that doesn't give any kind of pain, or small, medium or big soreness. I can ride all day long without problems. I tried riding without padded shorts and the results are the same, amazing!

Weaknesses:    Weight, but without discomfort I don't really care:)

Bottom Line:   

If you tried some, or many saddles, tried saddle fits systems and riding position and you still have pain after long hours riding or even that small discomfort afterwards this will probably might the best bet;)

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Michael I a Weekend Warrior

Date Reviewed: May 1, 2013

Strengths:    Very comfortable. Wide enough for me. I am 6' 1" 220 lbs. No signs of significant wear in 1.5 years.

Weaknesses:    None yet.

Bottom Line:   
I can use this with or without short liners. I have a Speed V on my Hybrid and this is significantly more comfortable. It is a bit wide for some peoples taste, but I am a big guy and it is perfect for me. Good Value. I picked mine up at the LBC. I am using it on an offset seat post so it sits a little farther back. Overall a great saddle for me.

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Favorite Trail:   Sac River Springfield, MO

Duration Product Used:   1.5 Years

Purchased At:   Queen City Cycles

Similar Products Used:   WTB Speed V

Bike Setup:   Gary Fisher Marlin Hard Tail

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by HAGAY1974

Date Reviewed: April 9, 2013

Strengths:    strong light affordable

Weaknesses:    too wide for some

Bottom Line:   
lond distanse must have

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by jonnybegood a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: February 20, 2013

Strengths:    Comfort comfort comfort

Weaknesses:    Built quality, stitching,bulky

Bottom Line:   
Got a pure v on both my bikes , nothing comes close for comfort all day riding! Not that pretty compared to others but who cares when your on the bike, its also quite heavy , I had a silverado for a while which came close for comfort and looked sleeker but swapped back to pure v , also had a devo which looked awesome but was like sitting on marble , forget all other wtb saddles and get this one you won't regret it,stitching comes away after a wile but there cheap enough to replace

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Favorite Trail:   outdoor

Duration Product Used:   years

Price Paid:    $20.00

Purchased At:   ebay

Similar Products Used:   Specialized saddles, fizik sdg San marco

Bike Setup:   Perp with ti spring

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by treesmasher a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: December 15, 2012

Strengths:    Tough so far and looks pretty good. My stock saddle almost neutered me and this was a savior.

Weaknesses:    none so far but time will tell.

Bottom Line:   
I can ride this saddle home from work(20 miles and change) in my uniform pants with no biker shorts without any problems. You can get these all day for 40 bucks and they are worth every dang dime.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by ATXZJ a Weekend Warrior

Date Reviewed: December 1, 2012

Strengths:    Comfort, looks, and price

Weaknesses:    a little heavy and a little pedestrian looking

Bottom Line:   
Picked this up from performance for a good price. I replaced my factory WTB volt race with the pure v and on my xc rig and cannot be happier. The volt is just an awful saddle for an xc bike, particularly for someone who has wide sitbones. The pure V is more comfortable in regular shorts without a chamois than my volt was with them. I havent had it long enough to notice any issues but seems like a decent saddle.

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Price Paid:    $40.00

Purchased At:   performance bike

Similar Products Used:   WTB volt race

Bike Setup:   SC SL 29er

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by FX4

Date Reviewed: June 22, 2012

Strengths:    Comfort, comfort, comfort. This is my fourth saddle in three months and the first that actually fits me. As a large rider (205 lbs@ 6'1") it is the first to fit my sit bones with no pain. It seems well made so I'm not sure what the quality complaints are about but I have only had this a few weeks and have put about 150 trail miles on it. Overall for the money it is real value.

Weaknesses:    None so far

Bottom Line:   
No more sore rear...

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by beecrazy a Weekend Warrior

Date Reviewed: June 8, 2012

Strengths:    Comfortable, Price, Looks

Weaknesses:    none

Bottom Line:   
Very comfortable saddle! The previous saddle reminded me it was there, but the Pure V isn't even there- I don't know it is there because it is so comfortable! Saddles are personal, and I really wanted to like the saddle that was on the bike, so glad I purchased this one off of reviews. I am 5"11" and 165 lbs- I don't know my sit bone measuement. I would like to purchase another for a backup just to have an extra.

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Price Paid:    $32.00

Purchased At:   Ebay

Bike Setup:   09 Specialized Comp 29er

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by sdavis8888 a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: May 27, 2012

Strengths:    Comfortable, narrow enough to get behind. Lightweight.

Weaknesses:    None Yet.

Bottom Line:   
Got this after trying a Rocket V Race SE. The Rocket V was too narrow for my sit bones. Rode this after two days on the Rocket and it was night and day - this saddle is so much better for me. Even though I was sore from the Rocket this was comfortable for a great hour and a half ride on technical mountain trails. I used the Specialized sit bones width tester and found out my sit bones are 115 MM apart and that means a recommended saddle width of 143 mm. If a shop in your area has one of these testers i highly recommend it. Also I bought the Rocket V and traded if for the Pure V hassle free at my local Performance Bike store - great customer service.

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Favorite Trail:   West Magnolia

Price Paid:    $49.00

Purchased At:   Performance Bikes

Similar Products Used:   WTB Rocket V SE, WTB Silverado Stock, Terry Fly Ti (2001 model), Serfas Lycra Dual Density

Bike Setup:   Full Suspension 29er, GT Sensor Expert

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by lapaz34

Date Reviewed: May 12, 2012

Strengths:    Comfort

Weaknesses:    The synthetic leather does feel cheap, but you get what you paid for, if you wanted better leather then fork out more money on the higher end version

Bottom Line:   
I use to have a WTB Laser V pro saddle, I felt like the Laser V was a decent saddle but the Pure V is amazing. I'm 6'4 210lbs and had issues with uncomfortable saddles, but Pure V feels like it supports perfectly. Great Seat! Worth the purchase.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by aoccho a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: May 8, 2012

Strengths:    Comfortable, No numbness

Weaknesses:    Weight

Bottom Line:   
In the past I have ridden mostly Specialized mountain bike saddles and I find this one by WTB to be very similar. It is a little more comfort oriented than some of the Specialized saddles (which tend to be a little more race oriented) in the same price range. Overall it has been a great saddle. One characteristic of the saddle which I cannot fully review is its durability. I have owned the saddle for a few weeks and have yet to crash hard enough for it to really take a beating on the trail. The rear of the saddle is reinforced with a tougher material however; and this along with the quality stitching leads me to believe that it will hold up well.

Overall Rating:1
Value Rating:1
Submitted by alistairinoutthewindow a Cross Country Rider from St. Louis, MO

Date Reviewed: August 23, 2011

Strengths:    Comfortable and cheap

Weaknesses:    Rails bent when my feet slipped off the pedals (raises questions about the pedals) in some mud after a week and a half of riding everyday

Bottom Line:   
Like those below me have said, its comfortable enough but I would have expected to last much longer than a week and a half considering I wasn't riding anything too technical. I give one chili for value and overall due its extremely short lived career

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Favorite Trail:   Castlewood

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Bike Setup:   Forge Sawback 5xx (saddle came stock)

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by jadedbee a Cross Country Rider from Sacto, CA

Date Reviewed: January 18, 2011

Strengths:    comfy, good looks, power transfer ("whale tail")

Weaknesses:    Love Channel can split, hard to get off the back when needed

Bottom Line:   
I use this saddle for everything now. I first got it on a recommendation from REI when I was training for a century ride. I then put it on my mountain bike and now I have one on my commuter track bike single speed as well. This width fits my sit bones (I'm 5'11" and about 175lbs) very well - no numbness. I like the whale tail design for pushing against to power over rollers or up a climb in a tall gear. I don't like that it hinders my ability to slide off the back on technical downhills. This made me try some narrower WTB saddles, but I got numb so I switched back. At first I thought the narrower saddles allowed me to lean the bike over in turns better, but after putting the Pure V back on, I realized I have more stability/control as its flat side edges rest against my inner thigh.
I've gone through 3 of these saddles in about 6 years. The love channel cut-out will split and the saddle will flex off the rails. To be fair, I am hard on the rear of my bike - I have also broken 3 seat post heads (separately from the seats), and go through rear wheels like nobodies business.
The new models come with silk-screened logos instead of stitching, which is nice. The material is durable, but can tear or come un-stitched from underneath.

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Favorite Trail:   Tahoe Rim Trail

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $65.00

Purchased At:   LBS, Online, REI...

Similar Products Used:   other WTB saddles, old Specialized Body Geometry

Bike Setup:   29er steel hardtail, steel Cinelli track bike

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Holmes a Weekend Warrior from Berthoud, CO

Date Reviewed: October 8, 2010

Strengths:    Comfortable, cheap

Weaknesses:    none (for what it is)

Bottom Line:   
Hands down the most comfortable saddle I have ever used. Picked this up off Jenson when they had the OEM saddles for 25 bucks, I am kicking myself for not ordering several more at that price for the rest of my bikes.

This is not a super light, super narrow race saddle. But if you want comfort at a decent price, give this a try. A good choice for road bikes and XC oriented mountain bikes.

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Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $25.00

Purchased At:   Jenson USA

Similar Products Used:   various synthetic saddles, various leather saddles

Bike Setup:   Have had this on my road bike, currently on my Karate Monkey

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WTB Pure V Race Saddle $29.99

I ordered this saddle Wed. and received it today. Just got back from a 20 mile ride (In the snow :eek: ) and this saddle is sooo friken comfortable. I have used Specialized Phenom for the last year,but lately its been really hurting and I wasin't riding as far or long because of it. I wouldn't s ... Read More »

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