Syncros FR Saddle

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Product Description

Our revised FR saddle now featured lightweight foam and a slimmed down design to save weight but still provide the comfort FR and DH riding demands. The Crush Zone is 10mm of dense foam extending from the rear of the saddle which helps prevent damage caused by the back of the saddle. Elliptical cromoly rails are 7mm wide and 8mm tall for extra support and strength. Leather cover with aramid rear panels to withstand abuse from crashes.

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Enduro MTB and DH/FR bike out there?

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Specilized Stunt Jumper a good DH/FR bike?

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FR bike under $2000

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Need some help/Suggestions on a AM/FR bike (used/budget)

I'm not a "cheap" person, but I already have a bunch of hobbies, and little time to do them, so I won't be out riding every weekend. That said, I have a pretty good time on my RS suspended DB Coil EX, but am looking to replace my Walgoose that a large buddy of mine broke last weekend. And I would ... Read More »

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