Planet Bike Gel In' Saddle

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Planet Bike's Gel In' maximizes your comfort with gel for amazing shock absorption and a wonderful feel. This sleek seat also boasts a flexible base...

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The breakdown in the "liquid gel" terror plot escalates

[url][/url] let's see, they didn't have passports or airline tickets You can blow up a plane without a ticket to get aboard? Probably in a NeoCon's mind you can; but in the real world? I don't think so.Read More »

Hammer Perpetuem in gel flask?

I typically mix up one bottle with four to eight scoops of Perpetuem depending on the length of my ride. I am curious to try a thicker mixture in a gel flask because a concentrated bottle gets warm and nasty to drink by the third or fourth hour. :) I am hoping the "pancake batter" mixture might be ... Read More »

How long does it take for a gel to kick in?

Just curious...I took a gel after about 1hr 45 mins into a long road (training) ride and was expecting a little kick but felt nothing. I wasn't particularly tired when I took it and was drinking Accelerade while on the bike. Are gels only supposed to sustain your current energy? Maybe I was expec ... Read More »

How long does it take for a power gel to kick in?

Hey all, Im doing a race this weekend and am going to be using power gels for the first time during a race. Anyways I just wanted to know how long it takes for the powergel to have an effect on your blood sugar levels? I want to get the most out of my gels for the 30 k race i am doing. help is ... Read More »

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