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All-day, in comfort The Nukeproof Trail saddle is designed with long-distance mileage in mind, offering an increased level of padding over our Race perch to ensure minimum discomfort even after the most epic days in the hills. Weighing in at a respectable 230g, the Trail is light enough for all but the most fanatical of gram-savers, with 275mm x 132mm dimensions suiting a wide range of rider shapes and sizes and making it an ideal saddle for all trail riding disciplines DH, AM and XC. We rsquo;ve designed the Trail with optimized width and shaping towards the rear to support your sit bones and promote soft-tissue circulation while seated and pedalling. Meanwhile a rounded back end means nothing for your clothing to snag on when technical descents require you to get out of the saddle and over the back wheel. At the front, an elongated nose with ample padding allows easy movement and positional changes, such as when climbing in the seat. The Trail saddle is built using our exclusive Cr

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