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Tips for riding though leaf covered trails?

Any? I'm not super familiar with the trail.Read More »

South Leaf Questions

As you head south on South Leaf Trail in ECdM, there is a super technical washed out section that has been there for years. My questions: 1) Has anyone ridden this? If so, what is the line? I saw high probability of carnage everywhere I looked (at least for me and my HT singlespeed). 2) I wond ... Read More »

My head gets hot. Catlike Leaf or iXS Trail RS? Or something else?

I'm trying to get something with more head coverage than my current helmet (Giro Rift) that's also well ventilated/reasonably cool on a hot day. My head gets crazy hot already and I'm concerned that more coverage=too much warmth. The catlike leaf or iXS Trail seem like good candidates - do folks ha ... Read More »

The real price of leaf blowing

Anyone who rides all winter in the mid-latitudes must be aware of the downsides to leaf blowing. Leaves are critical to controlling soil erosion in woods, especially in winter. Please view my video: [FONT=Helvetica] [/FONT] [FONT=Helvetica]In the mid-atlantic region, the ... Read More »

leaf blowing thanks

That you to all that were involved in blowing my local trails. the place looks great.Read More »

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