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The Juniper is a firm, sleek low-profile saddle with our wide nose for technical maneuvering. It also featured a slightly wider rear platform that is anatomically adjusted for women.

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2010 Marin Juniper Trail - thoughts?

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with the 2010 Marin Juniper Trail HT? I'm looking to purchase my first Mtn bike for light trail riding and was wondering if this is a good option. Thanks!Read More »

Mt Diablo Juniper to Finley Road????

I ride on Diablo alot. It's pretty much in my backyard and I have a Golden Poppy pass for the whole year, so park entry is free if we can find someone that wants to shuttle us up. My fav loop is from Juniper down to Mothers, Angel Kerley, Diablo Ranch, Buckeye down to Stage Road, up to Borges and l ... Read More »

Whatd'ya know about Juniper Ridge?

Heading up to Pinedale west of Showlow this weekend to hang at a friend's cabin and saw that the westernmost trail of the White Mountain Trail System is pretty close by, Juniper Ridge. I was wondering if anyone has some experience with this piece of trail. Rated as difficult for MTB. Present cond ... Read More »

Juniper Ridge RR

I did Juniper Ridge loop today as shown in gearz's map: [url][/url] It's always a hard ride but today it was really harsh for some reason. Maybe because I was trying to save water thinking I might run out. Or because it was hotter than usual on that nas ... Read More »

~RR~ Juniper Ridge 08-09-08

Pinchflat and I did our somewhat-annual Juniper Ridge loop this year. We missed it last year. Well, at least I did, not sure if PF made it or not. We've done this before, starting at the Tongue Mt. trailhead, or near it. This year we were camped a mile downriver from the trailhead. Nice spot on ... Read More »





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