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Brooks Conquest

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Brooks Saddle/Setback Seatpost

So I just picked up a new B-17 for my Mukluk, wanting a Brooks for long-ride comfort on my favorite whip! The problem is the Brooks does not slide back on the rails as far as my old saddle. I already have a Thompson Setback seatpost but I still think the fit is marginal and would like the saddle far ... Read More »

Saddle Survey

Hi, my name is Jesse Bartholomew and I work for Trek Bicylce focusing on Bontrager parts and accessories. We're currently seeking feedback on saddles so if you have 5 minutes please click the link below to our 5 question survey: [url][/url]Read More »

Saddle bags

Just wanting to know what the best saddle bags are for riding. I am mainly looking for a small minimalist bag really just to carry a tube and co2 canisters. I would keep my phone, food and any other small items in my jersey pockets.Read More »

Your favorite saddle... Go!

Typically I ride with the stock saddle that comes on my bike. however, I have read a few web articles about some saddles that are more comfortable than others. I am getting my first fat bike and would like to put a nice saddle on it and eventually put one on my Trek Dual Sport 8.6. (I am guessing my ... Read More »

question about saddle to handlebar length

sorry I wrote so much. hello, I currently have a medium(18") guardian 2.0. it is the first time I have measured myself and tried to buy the right size frame accordingly. my dillemma is this. my previous bike was a diamonback overdrive size large(20") to me that bike felt great. it was really comfor ... Read More »

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