Atomlab Pimplite Saddle

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MSRP : $35.00

Product Description

  • Pivotal System
  • Light Design
  • Screened Logo

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atomlab pimplite hub (has anyone else had this problem)

[ATTACH=CONFIG]826645[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]826645[/ATTACH] I ride petty hard but never thought I did anything to warrant snapping the inner hub in half.:madman:Read More »

Pimplite wheelset overiszed spoke nipple size?

I dont have a way to measure them here. I have the 3 Park spoke wrench's 0-1-2 and its bigger than all of them. Anyone know the size off hand so I can maybe get one on the way here? The wheel set's are a set of 2008 factory built Atomlab Pimplites with the oversized nipple's. I know they are n ... Read More »

Atomlab Pimplite SS Rear Hub Slipping

I just got a Atomlab pimplite single speed rear wheel for my DJ bike. I would say the wheel works great aside from the fact that it is pretty much useless with horizontal dropouts. No matter how tight I torque it down it slips forward on the drive side. And to make matter worse, all the surfa ... Read More »

Atomlab Pimplite Rear Wheel DJ SS review

I just got my new Atomlab Pimplite Single Speed DJ rear wheel from UPS today. Overall it looks great, can't say much else because I can't use it. Purchased for the 6 pawl engagement and to save a little weight. If you think it fits 10mm x135mm dropout spacing, your wrong. You have to get a ... Read More »

Anyone using Stan's tubeless conversion kit on the Atomlab Pimplite wheelset?

I'm itching to go tubeless on this wheelset. Any insight which route I should go?Read More »

Read More »




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