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Hope Tapered Headset

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Product Description

  • Upper and lower cup sealing

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SIR 9 44mm headtube compatible with tapered fork?

As the title states: Is the SIR 9 with the 44mm headtube compatible with a 1.25-1.5 tapered fork? I only ask because I saw this and it threw me off.. [upper cup] ZS44/28.6, [lower cup] EC44/40 Is it not 44mm through the entire headtube?Read More »

Tapered Head Tubes / how and why

Is anyone else interested in discussing tapered head tubes? I think it is clear at this point that they are not just a quick fad, and with the availability of them steadily growing, they are starting to pop up on handmade bikes more and more often. As the component industry rapidly moves towar ... Read More »

Tapered Head Tubes and other alternatives

There was some recent inquiries in a thread that was closed, asking for more information about sourcing tapered head tubes. I was not able to successfully answer the question there, so I made this thread. I in no way am intending this to be a sales pitch or ad, I am just hoping to convey informatio ... Read More »

RST fat bike suspension fork in tapered and nontapered version coming.

Well here is another player and with a lower price. $575 gets you a 80, 100, and 120mm fork all in one. Even available for bikes the Bluto won't fit on.Read More »

Tapered vs 1-1/8" for fork

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=arial]I recently purchased a new bike frame that has a tapered hole for a fork, but my current fork is 1-1/8. Can I use my current fork on this new bike (with or without an adapter)? Or, god forbid, will I need to get a whole new fork? :skep: Thank you. [B]I didn't mean to p ... Read More »

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