Extralite Head 2 Headset

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Weight : 62 grams MSRP : $165.00

Product Description

  • Upper Bearing: Radial micro cartridge
  • Lower Bearing: Stainless bidirectional cartridge
  • Reduced vertical dimensions
  • Japanese M-X technology

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Head to Head: Kuat NV vs. 1Up USA Rack in Black (2.0, 1.25)

I believe I was probably one of the first with a KUAT NV in the Bay area. I had a 2 in. hitch on my Touareg. Loved it. Trail doc was ok. Customer service excellent. Aesthetically, beyond Thule and Yakima. Of note, I owned Thule roof rack/echelon trays for many years prior to going Kuat NV. ... Read More »

2008 Felt Redemption 2 head tube diameter

Hi! First post in mtbr so sorry if this is not the right section. I recently bought an old Felt Redemption 2 - 2008 frame. It came with an external cup FSA headset which doesn't work quite well. Also, since the frame is pretty big and the external cups are quite high, most of the forks I've tried c ... Read More »

Cannondale F-500 Cad-2. Head shok. Pad brakes. Paid $200

Hello: New to the forum. Excited to be here. So I picked up a Cannondale F-500 off craigslist for $200. Local bike shop tech told me I got a great deal on it, bike blue book says its worth like $300 Here is my question...take a look at what I got, lets say hypothetically I had $1000ish would it b ... Read More »

Azonic Head Lock 2 on Overdrive 2 Headset

will this work? overdrive 2 being tapered...is the fork different where the bottom fastener goes? any info is greatly appreciated.Read More »

2012 Giant Glory 2 Head angle

I know that you can slack out the head angle on the giant glory, what exactly do I need to buy to do this? I want to change it to 64*Read More »

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