Easton Havoc 35 Carbon Handlebar

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We took the industry-leading Havoc Carbon handlebar, the strongest handlebar on the market, and made it stronger. And lighter. And stiffer. And did we mention the new Havoc 35 Carbon is also 50-millimeters wider? We achieved this by borrowing from Easton’s motocross handlebar technology and upgrading the bar/stem clamp diameter to 35-millimeters. This new system makes such a dramatic difference in strength and steering precision that after one run, you’ll never want to ride another downhill bar.

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by bikeprof

Date Reviewed: August 20, 2014

Strengths:    Unbelievably light, incredibly stiff, easy to install, very very well made, looks awesome.

Weaknesses:    Um..... takes awhile to get used to where your bars are when going through narrow passes. Clipped the ends on a few trees today!

Bottom Line:   
Got this recently as an upgrade to the 720mm bar that came with my Tallboy LTc. I'm 6'2' with very long arms (think gorilla) and was looking for something that would give me more stability and control. I'm running the conventional mount 35mm stem (in orange of course). The bar and stem were super easy to install and I had plenty of room for components (right and left shifters, ergo grips, dropper remote, etc). I did have to mess with spacers a bit, but no biggie. I was concerned that switching to a wide bar like this would make it more annoying to run fast through the tight twisties, but I just came back from 12 miles of nothing BUT tight technical riding, and this bar made things BETTER if anything. I'm seriously impressed. I feel more "in" the bike, I can lean into corners better, and when I screw up and jerk the bars around it doesn't get me into as much trouble. I feel like I can climb better too, I can lean in closer with my chest since my arms are out wider. Somehow this bar gives me more control AND more room for error. And when things point downhill? Forget it, it almost gives you too much confidence! In all, an amazing bar. The 800mm width is perfect for my gangly arms, but I could definitely see people wanting to trim it a bit to find that perfect fit. Would highly recommend!

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Karrikourier a All Mountain Rider

Date Reviewed: August 8, 2013

Strengths:    Strong, light, stiff, superb mounting with direct mount. Precise steering response, great fit to rider, excellent damping.

Weaknesses:    The 35mm section is wide and the taper finishes wider than is normal on other bars I have tried. Leaves little room for placing controls. It hasn't been a problem for me but potentially would be if you cut the bars down and have large hands. Try before cutting! The direct mount stem and oversize diameter may cause the bars to contact the top crown/tops of the stanchions on the shorter length, eliminating the option of adjustment.Wide for tight trails in trees? Price is competetive in comparison to similar products but steep as an upgrade.

Bottom Line:   
Review is based upon first impressions from a days uplift @ Glencoe to shake down a newly purchased Morewood Makulu/BOS frame/fork combo. This bike was run back to back with an M3 with Monkeylite Carbon DH bars and two piece Point One direct stem by myself and my son. Price paid is for the bar and stem combined on offer, Its now lower in the sale!
I read a lot of comment on Pinkbike about this bar/stem combination. Most of it was written without even seeing the product so I based my purchase on the strength of my experience and confidence in Easton carbon bars.
It wasn't an upgrade for me, being fitted to a "new" bike so the logic of buying a new bar/stem combo built to a unique new "standard" was purely confidence in the technology and curiosity about the advance it might represent.
First impression is of an amazingly light and well finished product. It compares very favourably on this level. I would say the direct mount stem represents excellent value in comparison to similar 31.8mm offerings.
The thicker bar may be problematic fitting to some forks. On our BOS Idylle the stem will only mount at the 55mm setting, 50mm causes the bar to contact the hex heads of the stanchions, even when they are turned with the flats aligned to the bars.
The manufacturing tolerances are excellent, as in the other review the graduations for cutting down were found to be clear and accurate.
The wide stance of the bars is comfortable even on a large frame for both of us being @5'8". We didn't feel stretched and found the extra width gave more accurate steering response once used to the higher leverage. It made for a larger cockpit and allowed more movement about the bike. This would benefit taller riders more.
The main advantage here is the angle between the arms, for taller riders it will be less cramped and offer more control, a simple matter of geometry and physics. For smaller riders it depends more on riding style. I like plenty of room to move about and found this bar very accommodating.
The track was largely washed out and very rocky(more so than FtWilliam) so loads of severe vibration and big hits were constant. There was no hint of fatigue for either rider. The bars coped very well with the conditions and appeared to damp severe vibration very well despite the stiffness, at no time was there any loss of control from reaction through the bars, nor did vibration become so bad it affected ability to use the other controls. This was over hours of repeated runs.
For steering and pulling the nose up the stiffness added control and response, its marginal. The short stem length is very direct. Trail feedback was excellent.
We preferred the lower rise and found the sweep about right.
This is an excellent product. Ok you can only use the bar with Eastons own stem but theres no complaint here in terms of quality and price. The stem is actually much cheaper than many similar 31.8mm products. The bar is very comfortable to use, no sign of any rider fatigue and there is a definite improvement in control over the 31.8mm equivalent. I'm impressed, I was sceptical that it would make any difference but having experienced it i now feel much less confident sitting on a bike looking at a "normal" thiner bar with narrower spaced clamps. Just the look of it mounted on the forks gives a serious feeling of strength and that translates into 100% confidence in use.
So good I'm letting my son keep the bars on his new bike and I'm getting another set for my own build. Shame they won't ever fit on my DUCs :(
I'll come back after some serious use on more trails for a long term update.
Muy Guappa!!

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Favorite Trail:   Anything heading downwards

Duration Product Used:   Initial impression

Price Paid:    $130.00

Purchased At:   Wiggle

Similar Products Used:   Easton Monkeylite carbon DH, Monkeylite carbon XC, various aluminium offerings.

Bike Setup:   Morewood Makulu large size, BOS suspension front and rear, SRAM drive, eThirteen DH, Formula T1.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by mzorich a Downhiller

Date Reviewed: August 23, 2012

Strengths:    the bar itself is a prime example of strength. the whole design was to build a bar that hand no flex, no play and was never going to break. not to mention it is at least 20mm longer any carbon bar on the market

Weaknesses:    it is a different standard then anything else. not a huge deal but you do have to buy the easton stem or you can't run the bar. but the bar itself can't be beat.

Bottom Line:   
if you want the end all to be all bars right now this bar is it. weather your riding it on an AM bike or your a hardcore hucker this is the carbon bar for everyone. this bar makes aluminum bars seem dated and pointless. the 35 is stiffer then a 14 year old boy in a strip club. you will not get trail feed back, no vibrations through the hands, and no flex. it is that good. yes when this bar came out i was a little pissed that we were facing another new bike industry standard but this one is for good reason. no other carbon bar has been able to get to 800mm without having major issues, well this bar solved that. easton has truly figured the carbon game out. the only drawbacks to this bar are not even with the bar itself its more with easton. 1 its the only 35 on the maker right now so you have to run the easton stem. i like the stem personally but it would be nice to have options and in the future i am sure we will. 2. you don't have any rise or back sweep options. they make one bar size and thats it. not a huge deal you may have to change a spacer or 2 but for some it might not be the right bar. 3. it is a bit pricey. i don't mind this so much because i love my bikes and want to run the top components but it might be to much for some.

all and all this is the best bar i have owned. Easton makes it super easy to cut down by notching it in 10mm increments so no measuring is required. it took me about 5 minutes to cut and file both sides. i am currently running it at 770mm and loving it. At the moment i am running this on my stumpy evo but i am about to put one on my m9. the bar is just that good. if you got the cash and you like to ride really hard, or you just want something new and very different this is the bar for you

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Favorite Trail:   Rockville

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $160.00

Purchased At:   jenson usa

Similar Products Used:   the answer pro taper, the previous generation of the Easton havoc, Enve carbon dh bar

Bike Setup:   2012 Stumpjumper Evo Carbon. pretty much stock besides 1x10 with a 33t and the easton 35 bar and stem

Reviews 1 - 3 (3 Reviews Total)

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