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Tioga Mushy Grip

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Product Description

Tioga Mushy Grips. Grips. Tioga grips mushy Dual density grip with firm inner sleeve and comfortable fine ribbed gripping surface for a lightly cushioned ride. Features: ?120mm ?End plugs included ?Various Colours available ?Dual Density Grip ?Firm Inner Sleeve

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mushy Marz 888 after crash

Hey guys, so i took a bad spill last weekend, trying to buck a ~30ft gap. ejected. bike smashed into the back of a step up landing. the bike SEEMED ok as i walked myself back to the car. but upon inspection today (since I'm finally feeling like i can move body parts again). my fork seems goofed. l ... Read More »

Need Help Concerning Mushy Brakes

Ok, I have been mountain biking off, but more on, since 1990. I just replaced my 1998 Trek 7000 with Felt Edict Nine 60. Its a little heavier than I wanted, but I love the way it rides. So here is my question: My disc brakes feel mushy. I have never had disc brakes before and ride primarily alo ... Read More »

Avid Elixir 3 Owner Help: Rear Brake Lever Feeling Mushy/Engages Too Early

Hi guys, I have an Elixir Avid 3. The front brake lever feels fine but the rear brake lever feels mushy (not sure if term is correct) and engagement is too early compared to front brakes. Basically, the rear brakes would engage by just pulling on the lever a little bit (maybe only 10% of the way ... Read More »

Mushy rear brake on Switchblade. Think it's the cable routing

I have avid Mechanicals on my Switchblade. The rear break feels very mushy. I think it may have to do with the cable routing. Does anybody have pictures of routing on a switchblade that works well?Read More »

How I fixed my mushy Avid levers (Elixir and Juicy)

A month or so after bleeding my Elixirs, the levers feel mushy and travel too close to the bar. The Juicys aren't as bad, but still not as solid as they should be. The following procedure varies somewhat from the official Avid technique and requires your brakes have pad travel adjustment. - ... Read More »

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