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Tioga Gritty Grip

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Tioga Gritty Grips. Grips. Your three contact points with the bike - hands, feet and bum - are crucial to comfort and control. Good quality bar grips make a real difference. If you suffer from numb hands, try the new generation of ergonomically designed models. You'll pro ....

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Bike (chain?) sounds gritty

I recently started using Dumonde Tech BCL on my chain. I don't know if it was gritty before this whole process. I cleaned the chain by removing it and soaking it in park tools degreaser. I did this twice, for about 15 minutes each, and moving the chain around in the degreaser. It didn't make things ... Read More »

Nitty-gritty on 2014 Remedy 29er suspension

So for the next bike I think I might have to come back to a Remedy. Had a 2010 Remedy, then rode a couple other bikes the past couple years and enjoyed the heck out of them. Now it's time to start planning the next bike build and the Remedy 29 is one of the final candidates. A couple questions f ... Read More »

Rear shock leaking/Gritty sound.

Looking at taking apart my rear shock (Monarch 3 I think) as its been leaking and has a gritty sound when compressed. Also been some yukky looking black grease on it sometimes. Looked at the manual and some online videos and it looks reasonably simple, is there anything a first timer should know th ... Read More »

2009 fox 36 float r gritty travel

my fork is gritty and feels like theres contact inside the legs. had them serviced but still isnt smooth. have compared with my friends floats even rockshox forx. suntour epicon feels much smoother. brought them back to an authorized fox service center but they said there's nothing wrong with it. bu ... Read More »

Looking to upsize tires on Trek/GF Gritty.

I want to put some bigger tires on my Trek Gritty and was looking for some suggestions for a larger tire. One is how large can I go? 35, 28, 40? What would be a good tire for just some neigbourhood roads?Read More »

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