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SRAM XX1 Powerlink is mounted backwards.....

....any concern? I just replaced my chain on my ride, and I just noticed I mounted the Powerlink with the arrow on the side plate pointing against the chain direction. It seems to function fine, I am just concerned it may create a problem down the road. The link seems to be symmetrical, so I ... Read More »

Giant cog killing chains- xx1 chain failure!

Just curious to know if any of you out there with giant cog conversions or xx1/xo1 are killing chains? It's no secret the bigger the cog, the higher the chain angle, the more lateral forces on the chain. Sram claims their xx1 chain is the strongest chain they make & I'm not so sure. My xx1 chain ... Read More »

xx1 for AM BIKE

I'm planning to upgrade my drivetrain to xx1. What do you think about the shifting and durability of the xx1?Read More »

Wolf Tooth/XX1 Conversion...ERMAHGERRRRRRRRD!!!!

Brown Santa showed up Friday afternoon, and about an hour and a half (and two Torpedo's) later, I had converted to my Wolf Tooth/XX1 setup. I mated a 32t WT ring to a 3x9 XT crank, swapped the driveshell in the King hub to the XD1 driver, and everything else was just a 1 for 1 swap. I will say t ... Read More »

Hope xx1/XD driver help

Hi, I'm trying to install a Hope xd freehub on my Hope pro2 EVO hub. I was able to remove the 9-10 driver with no issues, but can't seem to get the new XD freehub to seat, or click into place on the hub. Is it just a matter of using enough force to get it to seat, or am I missing something? Thank ... Read More »

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