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Serfas Silicone Grip

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Silicone grips mold comfortablyTo your hands while riding, and dampen vibration for comfort on longer rides. EasyTo install Waterproof GetsTacky when wet 13 cm long Includes end caps Just 96 grams a pair! (without caps) order QTY "1", you will receive 2 grips (enough for one bicycle)

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Silicone lube spray on stanchions

Is it safe to use silicone lube spray on my rockshox stanchions? I am getting more stiction than I care for and don't want to service until the end of the season.Read More »

Thinning silicone grease?

Is it possible to thin down silicone grease? I have some but it is incredibly thick, feels almost as thick as silicone sealant itself. It's going in an outdoor pump, so needs to be very water resistant, not corrode the O-rings and not be too thick to make it sticky. Would adding silicone oil wor ... Read More »

Silicone-based DOT5: busting the myth

So just about everybody will tell you that using a silicone-based DOT5 fluid in a brake designed for glycol-based DOT3/4/5.1 fluids is a real bad thing. It will cause the seals to swell and it will react with the old fluid and precipitate, clogging up the system and leading to brake failure. I be ... Read More »

Silicone saddle pad

So I got this silicone gel saddle pad, because of my sore n00b butt, and my manparts hurting terribly! Anyone else use this sort of thing?Read More »

Silicone Vs. Ergon

Pimpin' my SS up with a Carbon Niner Fork and Carbon Niner Bar, but haven't installed them yet. Curious to know what the consensus is on the silicone grips. I have been running the Ergons without the barends, and I like how they spread out the impact across the heel of the hand while taking rough an ... Read More »

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