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Giant Foam Grip

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  • Includes bar end plugs

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Stay loose: stretching, foam roller..?

I find that if I don't spend some time doing flexibility work every day but especially when I'm riding, I really pay the price in stiffness, low back pain, IT band flare ups and so on. I've worked out a set of stretches that include some strap work and some yoga-ish stretches that seem really eff ... Read More »

Foam Pit in So. Cal?

So I want to learn how to back flip but I really want to do it in a foam pit first. Does anyone know where one is in So. Cal? Anybody have one in there back yard and want to help a brother out? Thanks!!Read More »

Lefty Max 140 FFD Expansion Foam Source?

Looking for new expansion foam sheet for the Lefty Max 140 FFD damper. I've rebuilt these and not asking how, but can no longer find the replacement foam. Does any one have a source or have figured out an alternative foam source? Thanks!Read More »

Sunglasses with a foam strip?

I hope I'm not the only one with this problem. Sweat runs down my face from my helmet and onto my sunglasses. Obviously it obscures vision. I also wear clear lenses during evening descents. So sweat rolls down my face and onto the lens. Can you recommend a brand of sunglasses with a foam strip ... Read More »

Foam Winter Clothing

[video=youtube;cdzmUMeoHDQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdzmUMeoHDQ[/video] A few years ago I came across an extreme cold weather system that is better than any other cold weather system available on the market, including what the military uses. I didn't invent it, but a friend of mine and his ... Read More »

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