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Fizik Bar Tape Grip

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Product Description

Many of you a familiar with Fizik's Bar Gel handlebar tape -- a two-piece shock-absorbing system for your handlebars. A roll of Microtex bar tape encases an adhesive layer of gel onto your bars to help keep your hands from going numb on long rides. It's a great system, since it fixes the gel on your bars instead of forcing you to wear it on your gloves.We've heard from more than one customer that what they love about the Bar Gel is the Microtex tape itself, and that the bulky feel of the gel beneath the tape isn't their cup of tea. Microtex is a waterproof, synthetic nylon microfiber 20% lighter and more durable than leather, and it doesn't tear anywhere near as easily as cork (Cinelli) or foam (Deda). It has a combination of durability, grippiness, slip-proofness, and good looks you don't get from other brands of tape. In reponse to demand, Fizik recently released their Microtex bar tape in a non-gel version. What you get here is one roll -- enough for one handlebar. It has all the wonders of Microtex, but since it doesn't come with gel you get a low-profile feel for your bars missing with the cushy Bar Gel. Available in Black, Metallic Blue, Red, Chalk White, Silver, and White. The actual weight of the Fizik Microtex Handlebar Tape is 63g.

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What bar tape?

I recently put on some new bar tape and while it looks nice I just don't like it. I find it has no squish and a shiny slippery feel. Ideally I would like a tan/brown color to match my saddle but ultimately looking for a foamy, vibration damping, nicely tacky tape. Any suggestions?Read More »

Silicone bar tape

Today I scored a freebie at work...some Serfas silicone bar tape. [URL]https://www.serfas.com/products/view/913/referer:products%7Cindex%7Cbike-accessories%7Cbar-tape[/URL] The stuff feels pretty soft and tacky, and according to the box, you can adjust the thickness based on how much you stretch i ... Read More »

Bar tape?

Any reason not to use bar tape instead of grips? I'm currently using rubber lock-ons and considering ESI Racer's Edge grips. Just worried about the rotating or slipping. As far as comfort goes, I've been riding rubber grips with no problems and cyclocross guys ride with tape, so, why not MTBs?Read More »

Bar tape that doens't contain toxins?

I've seen a lot of this bar tape and a lot of it contains toxic materials, PVC for example. Is there any sort of cushiony enviro tape out there?Read More »

gimme examples of neatly wrapped bar tape instead of grips

I do like the feel and weight of quality bartape but it seems like I'm not able to do it right, it always looks ugly. I want some examples of neat wrapping!Read More »

Read More »




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