Bontrager BMX Grip

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Product Description

  • Classic moto design
  • Dual compound material
  • 140mm length
  • Inboard and outboard flanges

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BMX style cranks for MTB build?

I'm building up a hardtail/rigid sometimes bike. trying to keep the weight down as much as possible. I was thinking of splurging on some next sl's. but recently heard about the gusset woodstock cranks. actually pretty darn light and a good bit cheaper. so any disadvantage to that style crank? any ... Read More »

The best BMX commuter build you can imagine

First time poster here. I have a 2011 specialized RH 26 with newly installed SunWringle Charger Pros and a TK Recon Gold front fork. I had the front fork put on four days ago. I weigh 225 with a background in BMX. I use my bike to commute 20-30 miles a day over a very chunky concrete jungle of ... Read More »

Outdoor BMX style track/trail?

So I hit allire and as it was fun it is not offering me the type of riding I'm looking for, I'm looking for bigger hills more speed some jump piles where in nj can I find this?Read More »

BMX riding/learning/passion

My 7 yr old son has been going to our local one and only BMX track off and on for about a year now in-between baseball and judo, both of which are somewhat all year long sports (few months and weeks between baseball seasons). Not to mention he has school work and ukulele lessons 1x week. My issue ... Read More »

Best trails, spots, areas, shops for MTB, Downhill, BMX...

Hey there! We are a young startup based in Berlin. We offer users the possibility to share their hobbies and interests with so-called miniGuides on the internet to help other people with same interests to follow their passion. It would be nice if we had a miniGuide about your area on Best trails, ... Read More »

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