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Review: SRAM X0 2x10 with Grip Shift

Introduction by Francis Cebedo: SRAM revolutionized drivetrains with their introduction of the modern 2x10 system a couple years ago. They wanted to give you more functionality with less complexity. They then went back to the archives to resurrect Grip Shift by perfecting its accuracy and shiftin ...    Read More »

Michelin 650B Prototype Wild Grip'R and Wild Race'R Tires

Nick Margadonna from Michelin gives us a quick look at some prototype 650B tires. The Michelin Wild Grip'R is shown in a 2.35 width and the Wild Race'R is shown in 2.25 width. When will they be available   Read More »

SRAM 10-speed Grip Shift Review

The new 10-speed Grip Shift was introduced at Sea Otter this year, after extensive block box testing and some race appearances, including Jaroslav Kulhavy's 2011 XC World Championship win. The new system was reengineered from the inside out, with some excellent technology, such as their speed metal ...    Read More »

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Marin County to tighten grip on open space trails

New plan for Marin trails and fireroads. I am a bit concerned that this plan cost $530,000 to create and will only be released to the public one week before the public hearing. [url=http://www.marinij.com/marinnews/ci_23786227/county-tighten-grip-open-space-trails]County to tighten grip on open ... Read More »

9 SPD Grip Shift used with 8 speed Cassette?

I'm thinking about changing to Grip Shift. Right now I have a SRAM X-4, 8 speed trigger shifter and some day might up grade to a 9 speed cassette. If I use a 9 speed grip shifter right now would the last click not be used due to my derailleur not letting it shift into the last click?Read More »

Grip shift convert

Hey guys,can I put trigger shifters in the place of the grip shifters on my Haro. It has grip shift max shifters now and are beat up. Would like to have some help before I order some,thx.Read More »

Tire suggestions for more front grip

I'm getting back into MTB after 10 years of road riding. What are some tires that are considered to have great cornering ability for looser wetter conditions of the NorthEast?Read More »

Grip Shift or Trigger? NOOB Help

OK so I have been riding my Wally World special for long enough to know I want to upgrade. My bike has Grip shifters on it and they work well, I will be getting a Revel 1 next month (but I will be upgrading the fork thru Suntour) it has trigger shifters. I do not have much experience with them ... Read More »

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