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Just In: YEP Components Uptimizer Dropper Seatpost

The Yep Components Uptimizer dropper seatpost's smoothness and fluidity of the movement are excellent, the mechanical connection is reliable and quick, and the trick joystick remote with its 360 degree of actuation is superb, allowing either pushing or pulling lever action.   Read More »

Review: KS LEV Dropper Seatpost, 150 mm and Carbon Models

Update: June 18 We've been using the KS Lev for the past few months on several bikes and we've had no problems to report. The post has been reliable and the action has been stiction free both activating the lever and on dropping the post itself. One thing we've realized is that the more seamle ...    Read More »

Dropper Seatpost Round-Up

We have a few dropper posts in the garage so we did a little comparison on them. Dropper posts have been around for about 20 years with the original Hite Rite product sold many decades ago. The concept is make a seatpost that fully extends during climbs for proper leg extension and allow it to dr ...    Read More »

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Rock Shox Reverb Stealth Dropper Seatpost

I just got a Reverb Stealth seat post installed on my bike. I like it so far, its sweet. Does anyone know of any issues with turning your bike upside down with this post? Does turning it upside down have any issues with the fluid or air pressure in the post? Will it leak if turned upside down. ... Read More »

Dropper seatpost for small bike - SOLVED

I've got a pre-safire women's FSR (08 or so) that's an awesome bike (full on expert w/brain) but for a year now I had been told that there wasn't a dropper seatpost out there that was going to work. Something about being just a few mm too small or short or something. I had two shops that I totally r ... Read More »

Rounting reverb hydro cable( Dropper seatpost) Show Us how you've done it

After a whole afternoon trying different ways to run my RC cable from saddle to handlebar ( To the point of frustration). I came with this configuration and find it to be the better way at least for me. Down seat tube ( behind links), to BB up to Down tube following brake lines up to handlebar. ... Read More »

Safe to run a shim on a LONG dropper seatpost?

so I need a longer seatpost for my mtb, the 330mm I have now is just too short (I'm 6'5", 36" pant leg). My SC Bullit uses a 28.6 size post, and the only dropper posts I can find are the x-fusion hilo (350mm at full extension) and the gravity dropper (400mm at full extension), I'm leaning heavily ... Read More »

Minimal dropper seatpost height when fully extended

I'm planning on buying a dropper seatpost in a month or two. I'm primarily interested in the KS LEV 150mm, but I'm not sure the 150mm post will fit me on my frame when it's completely extended. Can someone tell me the distance from the seat rails to the point at which the post can't be inserted i ... Read More »

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