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Review: Element Case Rogue and Sector deliver high end iPhone cases to the bike market

The phone is quickly becoming a great tool for cycling. The Element Case Rogue strives to solve all your phone protection and mounting needs.   Read More »

Project Bike: Danish man builds son coolest balance bike ever

When Kasper Albrekt decided to get a bike for his young son Jakob, he had trouble finding one that got him excited. So the Danish bike shop guy turned a Specialized Hotwalk into the “S-Walk”—quite possibly the world’s coolest kickbike.    Read More »

Product News: SRAM releases new MTB brake system called Guide

SRAM announces the release of a new, four-piston hydraulic disc brake system called Guide aimed at the trail/all-mountain segment.    Read More »

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bar end lights - is there any point ?

i don't think i see the point in these lights - is there ? if i was going to get some for my MTB it would probably be these ( Trek Beacon ) : [url]http://revolutioncycles.com/images/library/large/trek_402908_08_m.jpg[/url] because they're designed for MTB bar ( LED aimed sideways instead of ... Read More »

Bar end lights / blinkers

I just bought bar end lights to enhance my night riding visibility. I saw these when I rode with a friend who has a set during one night ride. I was amazed at the complete profile of the bike can be seen even from afar. It's like navigational lights for boats. Drivers can see exactly where the bike' ... Read More »

XTR10spd Dynasys RD-M981 Rear Derailleur with Dura Ace 10spd SL-BS79 Bar end Thumbie

So I'm building a fatbike in preparation for some Alaskan Winter riding and want to use a Dura-Ace 10spd SL-BS79 bar end shifter I have mounted to a Paul Components Thumbie. I also have a never used XTR 10spd Dynasys RD-M981 rear derailleur laying about but I am aware of the issues involving the dyn ... Read More »

Shimano Dyna-sis 10speed mtb front and rear with bar end shifters.

Hi guys, hope some of you can help me out here... Im looking to set up a drop bar mtb, intend to use the Retroshift CXV brake/shifters combo to a 2x10 XT Dyna-sis front and rear d/ cassette/ crank.. The good guy from Retroshift so far is unable to confirm if the CXV will be compatible to the c ... Read More »

Paul Thumbie / Dura-Ace bar end shifter question

Can anyone help me? I'm struggling to fit some used Dura-Ace 9 speed bar end shifters to a set of Paul Thumbies. I suspect the lever boss cover (part number 643 4300) has been altered, which is preventing the cable lining up properly with the fitting in the thumbie mount. Can anyone tell me exact ... Read More »

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