TekTro Draco Disc Brake System

3.82/5 (11 Reviews)

Product Description

  • System: Hydraulic Disc Brake System
  • Piston: Open system, Dual piston
  • Material: Cast aluminum lever and bracket
  • Lever Blade: 2.5 finger lever blade
  • Hose Length: Front: 750 mm / Rear: 1500 mm
  • Rotor: TR160-7: Ø160 mm ( Light wave )
  • Rotor Weight: 112 grams
  • Adapter: AQ1.0 Series
  • Fluid: Tektro mineral oil
  • Pads: A10.11 Weight Front wheel: 311 grams
  • Rear wheel: 327 grams (Excludes rotor, adapter & mounting bolts)
  • Available Colors: Black / White / Red / Grey
  • Also Available: Rotor: Ø180 mm / Ø203 mm

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    User Reviews

    Overall Rating:2
    Value Rating:3
    Submitted by andy

    Date Reviewed: August 23, 2013

    Strengths:    works fine

    Weaknesses:    the brake lever is too far out from the handlebars for my preference and adjusting it doesn't help much because then the lever wants to go inward towards the headtube instead of parallel to the handlebars. i like to brake with just the index fingers and that is not comfortable with this setup

    Bottom Line:   
    i wouldn't recommend them

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by Sean a Racer

    Date Reviewed: June 8, 2013

    Strengths:    I have these things my giant stp1 dj and well...These brakes are sweet;they're nice and quiet, great starters for ppl that ate new to discs, very strong, but I blew a seal after like 2 weeks of riding (about 100miles give or take 5miles over that two week period total) everyday and they got super super soft and so now I have to go get my rear brake bled and the seals replaced which sucks but it happens..

    Weaknesses:    Nothing... But that minor seal issue... And the brake line has high memory (meaning it is kinda like natural bent to curl) so bar spins are harder

    Bottom Line:   
    Great, I love them long time... :-B

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    Favorite Trail:   Van michaels, quell holler

    Duration Product Used:   2 weeks

    Price Paid:    $85.00

    Purchased At:   ??? Jensen USA I'm g

    Bike Setup:   2010 Giant stp1. Giant limited edition Swiss rear hub and stock rim with a DMR bikes rear chain ring (in place of deraileur) sad halo front rim with manitou black forks, t-bar 20mm rise DJ bars with botrager earl stem with 1/12 spacer odi pro lock grips and tektro draco brakes

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by BKN a All Mountain Rider

    Date Reviewed: February 8, 2013

    Strengths:    Price, modulation, uses mineral oil

    Weaknesses:    Heavy, not easy to adjust; rotors material

    Bottom Line:   
    Came std with my bike and after few rides was squealing and vibrating....Changed the rotors to clean sweeps and pads to shimano resin; since then is perfect! No squeals, no vibration, lots of power and a very decent modulation....From time to time requires a fine adjustment as pads get worn out. Comparable with many "branded and expensive" brakes...

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    Favorite Trail:   all tough ones

    Duration Product Used:   1 year

    Purchased At:   -

    Similar Products Used:   None

    Bike Setup:   SPZ Camber Comp

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by CCMTB a Cross Country Rider

    Date Reviewed: December 7, 2012

    Strengths:    Good modulation and stopping power. Quiet when properly maintained. EASY to bleed.

    Weaknesses:    Not the lightest brakes. Noisy when the rotors get really hot. Brake alignment can take a few tries. Caliper creep.

    Bottom Line:   
    These came stock on my hard tail Felt by after a year and a half of mountain riding in AZ, I really like these brakes. So much so that I would buy them aftermarket if I was on a lower budget. These brakes modulate really well and the stopping power is fine. They will squeal when the rotors get extremely hot or dirty, which is easy to during an AZ summer. Other times they're perfectly quiet. The only thing I do to maintain the brake functioning is to soak the pads in isopropyl alcohol for about an hour, periodically. Scrub the gunk off with a toohbrush and reinstall the pads.After this they're really quiet.

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    Favorite Trail:   BCT

    Duration Product Used:   1.5 years

    Purchased At:   Came w/ bike

    Bike Setup:   Felt NINE hardtail

    Overall Rating:2
    Value Rating:2
    Submitted by Joe

    Date Reviewed: August 20, 2012

    Strengths:    Inexpensive, good stopping power when they work

    Weaknesses:    Noise and vibration

    Bottom Line:   
    These brakes appear to be a decent entry-level Shimano knock-off. They came stock on my 2012 Rockhopper 29er. I was very impressed with them at first, but after a few rides began to experience the dreaded turkey warble on the front brake, which after a few more rides became a violent shudder and extends to the rear brakes. They still work and have good stopping power but the severe vibration negatively affects ride quality and safety, and the noise is just ridiculous. LBS couldn't fix it. New pads made no difference, sanding the rotors and pads and cleaning with alcohol made no difference -- problem came right back within a mile or two. I'm switching to something else.

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by Robert

    Date Reviewed: July 2, 2012

    Strengths:    they work plain and simple , light pull , easy to modulate

    Weaknesses:    brake squeal

    Bottom Line:   
    they came O.E. on my 2012 Hardrock . They do what they should with out any drama . name brand weenies won't like them, but they perform .

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Garrett a Cross Country Rider

    Date Reviewed: June 26, 2012

    Strengths:    I don't have to squeeze the levers very hard at all, and I get a response. They work great wet or dry and although I was
    hesitant when I chose them, my opinion was instantly reversed. Not noisy either. I just don't have to crush them to really stop. They're just easy and reliable so it's been easier to really cut loose on my new ride.

    Weaknesses:    I mentioned they're not noisy. Overall they aren't, however in dry conditions, with dust, they do squeak a bit. I actually think this is a bit of a strength because that little noise is assuring to me. I have no idea why. Some of you might not be a fan though.

    Bottom Line:   
    They were replacements for the brakes that came on my bike, which is a Giant Talon 0 (btw I love that bike too. Wow). It came with Avid Elixer 1's and they were horrible. I could be rolling at 5mph and I'd hit the brakes to the result of a banshee screech and the whole ride would shudder. The second these were installed I was reassured in my stopping power. I'm a big fan, and a really, really good deal for the price. Just awesome.

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by dflash

    Date Reviewed: June 20, 2012

    Strengths:    everything

    Weaknesses:    none

    Bottom Line:   
    great brakes

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by Jake Inger

    Date Reviewed: May 29, 2012

    Strengths:    Responsive.

    Weaknesses:    I have not found any yet.

    Bottom Line:   
    Came on my new Scott Scale bike. They have worked well so far.

    Overall Rating:3
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by roycefromrc a Weekend Warrior from south dakota,usa

    Date Reviewed: March 31, 2012

    Strengths:    dual piston ,one finger stopping power.

    Weaknesses:    none yet.

    Bottom Line:   
    they came on the bike with a lot of other cheap parts.they already work better than my old magura single pistons ever did. im not saying their the best brakes in the world,but hey,for the price,they work great.

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    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Similar Products Used:   magura

    Bike Setup:   rock hopper 29er comp

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Captain Duderino a Cross Country Rider from Jamesville, NY USo'A

    Date Reviewed: February 23, 2012

    Strengths:    cheep. Great all-weather, four-season braking and modulation- especially for the price!

    Weaknesses:    Bleed-side piston sticks and takes 5-90 seconds of making noise with the rotor to retract away (intermittent). Also, does not permit saying something cool sounding to your buddies like, "yeah, it's a magoorah, so, yeah, it's cool." or "...formula...".

    Bottom Line:   
    I had this bike thrown together as a quad-trail thrasher/winter commuter and it works. I've ridden brakes that lock with *slightly* less effort, but there isn't a surface on which I can't lock-up on the knobbies with one finger (conti slick on warm, clean pavement is predictably awesome.). Nearly every bump larger than an inch seems to, i don't know, shake the bleeder-side piston out to the rotor for a few to a bunch of seconds of wheel music. I can make the noise seem to go away quicker when I feather it for a couple of rotations until the next bump. There's been some discussion in the forums about this issue being irreparable by anyone without significant metal-shop experience. But still- seventy bucks? Some noise that you only hear if you're taking it easy or on the road is totally worth not seeing ten dollars worth of lumpy metal that cost half of the rent getting all banged and maybe acquired for a drug swap. Love it.
    Who shouldn't buy this: financially well off folk who feel dirty and a little bit saddened just looking at anything folex-ey. Who should buy this: people with less than ideal income who demand serous control; winter salt-state commuters concerned with safety and sporty stopping who know that $300 Al erodes nearly as quickly as $70 Al.

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    Favorite Trail:   Kinsella's

    Duration Product Used:   6 months

    Price Paid:    $70.00

    Purchased At:   Mello Velo

    Similar Products Used:   Magura mt2

    Bike Setup:   Late '80's Schwinn High Sierra fixed gear 622x35 studded (<4"sno'ush 28mm slick/35mm armadillo) look quartz clipless Draco on the front

    Reviews 1 - 11 (11 Reviews Total)

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