Magura Louise Disc Brake System

3.6/5 (5 Reviews)
MSRP : $135.00

Product Description

Open hydraulic disc brake system with integrated reservoir. Dual piston fixed caliper with automatic pad wear adjustment. Heat Eater: Toolless adjustable hose fitting (45°) with integrated cooler. Pad wear thickness can be checked without removal of the pads. Quickfit brake lever (master) for superfast installation and removal. Lightweight and grippy 2-finger aluminum lever blade with reach adjust. Lightweigt drilled SL rotor both front and rear.

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Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:2
Submitted by Richard E a Weekend Warrior

Date Reviewed: February 27, 2017

Strengths:    They're hydraulic brakes, and can be modulated.

Weaknesses:    They don't stop me

Bottom Line:   
What is the purpose of brakes? To stop the bicyclist. These don't do it for me.

I bought a pair of these used, in perfect condition to replace the Hayes brakes on a Cannondale MTB. I had a 180 rotor installed in the front, to help improve the stopping power. One LBS installed the brakes, and another has adjusted them (twice), the latter after not many miles.

I am transitioning my Cannondale MTB to be an urban warrior bike. I've installed some street tires on it, and use it as an about town bike. I'm a sturdy solid guy, at 5'10" and 205 pounds. My issue is the distance it takes for these brakes to stop me. I can CRANK on these brakes, and if I'm going downhill at, say, 20 mph, it might take 100+ feet before I stop. I can't get the brakes to bind, which some might say is a good thing, if I'm going any decent speed. Cross my fingers, but I haven't had an emergency stop situation but, with the brakes not doing their job, an emergency stop doesn't appear t obe in the cards.

Brakes are supposed to stop the cyclist. Yep, these do, it just takes a lot of anticipation and planing for the distance and time needed for stopping. I'm worrked about these enough that I'm planning to replace them with something else.

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Price Paid:    $100.00

Similar Products Used:   Hayes

Bike Setup:   Cannondale 2000SL transition to weekend urban bike

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Titor a Weekend Warrior

Date Reviewed: October 23, 2012

Strengths:    - Excellent Braking Power
- 5 year leak warranty
- price

Weaknesses:    - none

Bottom Line:   
Got a pair of these from Ebay and I was a little bit skeptical because of the lack of reviews and this is not a common product compared to the AVids and Shimanos but it was too good to pass. I got a pair for less than $150 what's not to like. I was surprised about the stopping power and the modulation was great. and it comes with a 5yr leak warranty. I'm now a Magura convert. The quality is just top notch. you may need to get an adapter for the caliper.

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Favorite Trail:   Maarat Philippines

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $70.00

Purchased At:   ebay

Similar Products Used:   BB7, Juicy 3

Bike Setup:   Frame:Nine EMD
Niner Carbon Fork,
Wheels - Velocity Blunt SL, DT Comp Spokes, DT brass nips, XT Hubs, Panaracer Soar 2.0
DriveTrain - X9 RD/Cogs/Shifters SLX Chain/FD, Raceface Evolve XC Cranks, Time Attac Pedals

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:2
Submitted by crrimson a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: July 4, 2012

Strengths:    Price. I want to say they're quiet, but they squeal for me on every ride, just a little less noise than my previous Avid Elixir's.

Weaknesses:    spongy lever feel, large, awkward lever design, no support from the website, look ugly, heavy, squeal.

Bottom Line:   
I dropped $250 on a set of new Magura Louise brakes/rotors/bleed kit because my Avid Elixirs had a stuck piston & I didn't feel like fixing them again.

Cons - LEVER:
I had high hopes, but am extremely disappointed in these brakes. For me, the worst part is the lever. I hate these brakes for that alone, and is the main reason I'm going back to Avid's. The lever may not look it in the picture, but it's huge. I have average size hands, but I could not stand the way it felt, I had to completely change how I ride to get used to these.

I moved my shifters around, adjusted the brake lever, and still no luck, I just could not get these brakes into a position that was comfortable for me.

These are SPONGY. I did not cut the hose on the front brake, but new out of the box I can squeeze the lever almost all the way down to the handlebars. Before the brakes engage I have to pull the lever about halfway to the bar, the brake engages, then I can pull further once it's locked up (sponginess).

I have *not* bled these brakes, they are brand new & factory bled so should be solid right out of the box. I bought the bleed kit assuming that I would like the brakes. It may help somewhat with the sponginess problem, but I don't want to waste my time with it since I'm going back to Avid's.)

These were initially quiet for a few days, and make less noise than my Avid Elixirs did. If they were completely quiet I may have tried harder to get used to the lever, but they are not.

I wouldn't recommend these brakes unless someone gives them to you for 75% off and you don't mind spongy feeling brakes with large awkward levers. I'm not completely writing off Magura, since I've only tried this one set, but I won't buy them again without

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Favorite Trail:   Cuyuna

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $250.00

Purchased At:   Online

Similar Products Used:   Avid Elixir, Shimano XTR

Bike Setup:   Specialized Stumpjumper Marathon 29er

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by SpamCone a Weekend Warrior from Fredericksburg,VA

Date Reviewed: February 6, 2011

Strengths:    Easy to control the bite of the brakes and strength at the lever. Easy to install and bleed. Mineral oil much easier than any paint eating brake fuild!

Weaknesses:    None

Bottom Line:   
Easy to install great price and easy to adjust! What more could you want? Took awhile for squeal to go away but checking and tightening all bolts a couple of time fixed the problem. Only 4 chili's because of problems seating pads.

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Favorite Trail:   Quantico

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $200.00

Purchased At:   PricePoint

Similar Products Used:   Avid Juicy 3's and 5's

Bike Setup:   Niner RIP 9, XT drive train throughout, Easton Haven Wheels, Magura Louise Brakes, carbon bars & seat post.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Vuco a Weekend Warrior from Zagreb, Croatia

Date Reviewed: January 31, 2011

Strengths:    Powerful
Best modulation of all brakes that I used
easy to find parts
set and forget brake

Weaknesses:    large brake pads (Louise 2008+) so for max. performance you need a rotor with big braking surface

Bottom Line:   
This is a review for Louise 2008 or 2009 brake. Not sure which, since they are the same. The caliper has na PM mount, which is much better than 2007 Louise with IS caliper.

I have the brake on my front wheel with a 203mm Superstar components Vibe rotor. It's overkill for my weight (84kg), and for my all mountain riding 180mm rotor would be enough.
The brake has excellent modulation, and it's not an on/off brake (like Juicy's 5/7 and Elixir 5/R/CR), so you need to press the lever to throw you over the bar. Louise pads are big (especially in height) so you need a big brake surface rotor (like Hayes V-cut, Hope V2). I bought a Superstar components Vibe rotor (cheap, 2mm thick, and large brake surface - ~19mm in height) and it works excellent with these pads. Avid G2 185 have 16mm height, Shimano Deore 160mm only 13mm (so pads rub on the rotor spiders a lot). Crucial thing about this brake is setup. Once you get it centered (rotor and the caliper/pads), there is no pad rub, rotor isn't flexing - nothing. Set and forget brake! Also, you brake with one finger only :)

Comparison to the brakes that I rode:
Juicy 3 - good modulation (but worse than Shimano SLX and Magura Louise), but low on power. Rode it with a 160mm Avid G2rotor. Need to be bled more often than Shimano SLX brake. Can have problems with sticky pistons when you need to change the pads and can't get the pistons in. For all-mountain you need to press the lever with more fingers, 2 at least. Brake is good for rear wheel. Cehap

Shimano SLX - great modulation (but not like the Louises, maybe due to smaller power), servo-wave gets you no rubbing, silent with resin pads. But, for my riding, even with a 185mm rotor I couldn't brake with only one finger. Maybe for first few minutes, then you need 2 fingers to make a hard stop. Also a stop and forget brake, never had sticky pistons problem.

Juicy 7, Elixir 5/R/CR - When they work, they are great brakes. Bad on modulation, more an on/off feel, but excellent power. One finger stopping without any problems, even with 160mm rotors. Great brakes when they work like they should. Never had problems with the turkey gobble, but they weren't silent. When wet, everyone in the forest can hear you braking :). Probably the pads/rotor combination (rode them with stock pads and 160/185mm rotors)

So, Magura Louise are more powerful (using same rotor) than Juicy 3 and Shimano SLX (with servo-wave). Enough power like Juicy 7 and Elixirs (with smaller 160mm rotors, one could say that Juicy and the elixirs are stronger IMHO), but someone could tell that Avid brakes are stronger due to on/off feel on the brake (bad modulation) - someone loves more modulation, some riders like on/off switch. My choice is modulation. Both Juicy 7, the Elixirs and Louise will put you over the bar when pressed. Never had problems with them in this 3 months. Same feeling in -10°C and in summer temps. No oil leaks or any other problem. Really satisfied with them.

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Favorite Trail:   Sljeme

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $80.00

Purchased At:   used

Similar Products Used:   Juicy 3 (with G2 160mm rotor), Juicy 7 (with G2 185mm rotor), Shimano SLX (with Deore 160mm and Avid G2 185mm rotor), Elixir R (180mm Hope rotor) and Elixir CR (Avid G3 160mm rotor)

Bike Setup:   Focus Thunder FS bike, Mavic wheels with front specialized 9mm axle hub, rear Shimano M525, DT Swiss spokes, Deore shifters and XT RD, Revelation RLT 2011 150mm fork, Schwalbe Albert 2.25 on front, WTB Exiwolf 2.1 on rear

Reviews 1 - 5 (5 Reviews Total)

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