Brake Force One Disc Brake Disc Brake System

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Product Description

Why does the market need a new brake? Are there not enough good brakes available? The phrase "the better is the enemy of good" applies here, as it often does. And what is better about these brakes? Put simply: they have a better braking force to hand force ratio. And how do they do that? With a very simple, hydraulically modified gear ratio which allows us to install the brake pads with a real air gap - meaning that, finally, that annoying whistling sound is gone. The whole thing is built in a very solid and simple way. Thanks to the big air gap, no brake fluid reservoir is required. The result is just as robust and reliable as the first hydraulic calliper brake from our Swabian competitors. Assembly, set-up and then many years of happy riding without the need for screws.

  • Integrated hydraulic booster
  • Half operating power, yet double braking power
  • Maintenance-free, closed system without break fluid reservoir
  • prevents pressure point from shifting after long periods of idle time
  • No more grinding and squeaking brake discs – Adjustment of clearance at the dial on the thumb brake lever
  • Mineral oil brakefluid
  • Weight: BrakeForceOne 195 g (without disc) / Kill Hill Tune edition 181 g (without disc)
  • Special brake pads for boosted power
  • Rubbered handle for excellent comfort
  • Long lasting simple and strength construction
  • Big safety reserve even in extreme use
  • Lever travel adjustment
  • Advanced ergonomics: one finger handles brake, the
  • others grip the handle bar
  • Extreme stiff calliper
  • Superior test results by official independent test lab
  • Made in Germany

Brake Force One Pro Review

The brake lever is one-finger optimized so it is short and needs to be brought in close to the grip. There is a carbon fiber strap that needs to be tightened with two bolts to attach the lever securely. Care has to be taken to alternate between the two bolts while torquing down or one can snap the carbon strap. The big knob is for contact point adjustment and should be set up (by personal preference) to optimize the point at which the lever travel will result in contact between the pad and the rotor. Continue reading →

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