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Product News: SRAM releases new MTB brake system called Guide

SRAM announces the release of a new, four-piston hydraulic disc brake system called Guide aimed at the trail/all-mountain segment.    Read More »

SiCCC Carbon Rotors for Mountain Bikes

Carbon brake rotors are nothing new on bikes. That is, if your bike just happens to be a $3.5 million MotoGP racing motorcycle. A company called Kettle Cycles (kettlecycles.com) has developed a silicon-carbide-ceramic-carbon (SiCCC for short) disc brake rotor for mountain bikes and is currently ...    Read More »

Review: Brake Force One

We've had about a dozen rides on this brake system and we are ready to utter a few words about them. Powerful, modulates well, exotic and expensive. End of story. If you want to know more, then read on. Setup The brake lever is one-finger optimized so it is short and needs to be brought in clo ...    Read More »

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What size brake rotors are all you Clydes running?

Like the title says, what size brake rotors are all you big boys running? I started out with a 180 front and 160 rear. Then, I moved up to a 180 front and 180 rear. That was with running Avid Elixir 1 brakes. Now, I just bought a new set of Shimano XT brakes, and I'm thinking about running 203 f ... Read More »

Brake upgrade-rotors too?

I'm a recreational biker who spends most of my time getting a little exercise on single tracks near my house or chasing my kids. Last year I got a 2012 Trek Marlin 29er and have been generally happy with it. My only complaint, which I expected from the reviews, is the brakes. They're outrageously no ... Read More »

brake rotors

I bought some 160mm KCNC Razor rotors for a build I'm working on (see [URL="http://forums.mtbr.com/weight-weenies/initial-adventures-weightweenyism-845481.html"]this thread[/URL] for details), but I'm starting to worry over whether using lightweight rotors is a good idea. Where I live it's possible ... Read More »

Hope Mono 6 Saw Disc Brake rotors

anybody have any problems with these rotors?? I sheared mine today...and I wondering if it is fatigue or if maybe I banged itRead More »

Ceramic CF Brake Rotors

May be old news but new for me. New start-up company is bringing super-light, high durability rotors to cycling. [url=http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/can-carbon-rotors-provide-better-braking-35818/]Can Carbon Rotors Provide Better Braking? - BikeRadar[/url]Read More »

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