Brake Force One Agressive Brake Rotors

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Outstanding racing rotor, laser cut from a solid piece of heat-treated stainless steel AISI 420. CNC machined with very low roughness, for a quicker bed-in. 1.8 mm thick to avoid overheating and push the boundaries of fading. Made in Europe and UNI EN ISO 9001 2000 certified.

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Rim width for a 210 lb rider with an agressive riding style

I'm a 5'9" rider, 220 with my kit. I've been riding Mavic x139 with Deore hubs for 10 years now. No real problems except I've probably busted a dozen spokes on the rear with my riding style. Been on a seach for rims/hub combos for what seems like forever. I was first set on the Mavic Crossri ... Read More »

Pedal Flip from Agressive Pedaling

I recently switched from clipless to flats and have noticed something new to me... When I try "pedaling circles" and really start pushing (i.e. climbing a hill) as my foot comes over the top of the pedal stroke the pedal sometimes flips over forward causing me to lose footing. The pedals I'm using a ... Read More »

Best Agressive

[COLOR=#1d1b10]...I dusted off my old school Niterider Firestorm and found that either the bulb, ballast or electronics is fried.[/COLOR] [COLOR=#1d1b10]Niterider says that I would be better off going with new technology, for serious/technical nocturnal trail riding.[/COLOR] [COLOR=#1d1b10][/COLOR] ... Read More »

29 agressive tires

Hi all! ===== I got my 2012 RF with stock Bontrager 29-4, 2.3" wide F/R. Most of my rides are half day singletracks, and in 2-3 weaks I'm gonna go back to all day desert trails (25-30+ mile rides). The 29-4 really do the job well, but I feel they have lots of rolling resistance so the bike are ... Read More »

bend trails for agressive kids?

Besides DRT and phils, what trails near bend would you recommend for an 10 & 8 yr old that are pretty good riders, but can't yet handle tons of climbing or more technical trails? We'll be there next week and I'd love to show them a teaser of some higher alpine singletrack. Thanks.Read More »

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