Alligator Wind Cutter Brake Rotors

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Alligator found possibly the only to improve their already fantastic brake rotors by adding a splash of color.

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discobrakes replacement pads for XTR 975 brakes with 160 mm wind-cutter rotors

Guys do some of you have any experience in buying replacement pads from discobrakes? What is the quality and performance? I am considering sintered / ceramic pro / ceramic hard as a replacement for 975 XTR brakes with 160 mm Alligator WIND-CUTTER-Ti rotors. Is the spec for each type of the pad relia ... Read More »

Torque Setting for Alligator Wind-Cutter Rotors?

Does anyone know if there's a recommended bolt torque setting for installing Alligator Wind-Cutter rotors? The rotors don't come with any documentation. They aren't marked with any torque value. Nothing on Alligator's web site about it, that I could find. And, can't find any info about it anywhe ... Read More »

Anyone using Alligator Wind Cutter rotors

Wondering if these will get the job done and have good heat dissipation.Read More »

Grabbing Disc Rotor/Hayes/Alligator Wind-Cutter

I recently installed a set of Hayes Stroker Trail brakes with sintered pads on my bike and am using them with the Alligator wind-cutter rotors that were already in use, they had about 7 hours of use on them. I pulled the rotors cleaned them and lightly sanded them before installing the new brakes. T ... Read More »

140mm Alligator Wind Cutter Rotor in US

Any one know how to get a 140mm Alligator Wind Cutter Rotor in US? Price Point only 160mm or larger. I contact the US distributer of Alligator and didn't really get anywhere. I thought I would see if anyone here could help. Thanks!Read More »

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