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vintage Shimano Exage ES M-system, (3x7 brake/shifter schematic)

Hi, New to this forum so please bear with me. Back in 1991 I purchased a Diamond Back Response Sport mountain bike new and am looking at getting this bike back into good reliable operating condition. The shifter assemblies are both gummed up and shifting is near impossible. I took the right sid ... Read More »

Need Mechanical Disc Brake System Upgrade (On a Budget)

Friends, I have the Shimano BR-M416A disc brake system currently: [URL]http://cycle.shimano-eu.com/media/techdocs/content/cycle/EV/bikecomponents/BR/EV-BR-M416A-R-3064_v1_m56577569830706608.pdf[/URL] and I need to upgrade to semi-metallic pads (instead of the organics I have now) and need to upgr ... Read More »

Upgrading my brake system Finally!

Need help deciding. Upgrading to my first hydraulic system. Can someone tell me what the differences between the SLX 665 and 666 systems are? Price difference is huge! However here on MTBR the cheaper system rates higher. ThanksRead More »

RECOMMENDATIONS -- 2013 Sealed Continuous Brake Cable/Housing System

RECOMMENDATIONS -- Sealed Continuous Brake Cable/Housing System I'm setting up a commuter with TRP CX8.4 brakes, and as I ride a lot in the rain, I want to run a continuous brake cable system. It's a singlespeed bike, so I am interested ONLY in a brake cable/housing system. I've used Jagwire Rip ... Read More »

what is the best price/performance brake system?

Gents, i will be replacing my avid juice 5sl brake system and would love to hear what people think is the best price/performance option out there. i do not care about brand or weight; just looking for something reliable with minimal needed servicing/maintenance. thanks!Read More »

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