XLC Hayes Disc Brake Pad

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All disc brake pads that XLC produces are checked after EN- Standard. The organic brake pads are suitable for all weather and are a great balance between efficient and long lasting. Designed for the Hayes Ryde.

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2014 Hayes Prime Comp Hydraulic Disc Brakes

here is an unboxing video of the new brake-set available from Hayes. [URL="http://youtu.be/xPhRrFNNcEw"]2014 Hayes Prime Comp Hydraulic Disc Brakes Unboxing - YouTube[/URL] :cool:Read More »

Hayes mechanical disc brakes rubbing

I picked up a 2006 Giant Yukon with Hayes GX2 (I thinks similar to MX2) disc brakes. The rear outside (moveable) brake pad is sticking out too far, so it rubs the disc, even at the loosest setting. The fixed brake pad is adjustable and there's plenty of clearance, but the moveable pad is too close ... Read More »

Hayes now offers lifetime leak-proof warranty on all disc brakes

Hayes have always been my favorite disc brake, now this nice bonus. :thumbsup: [url=http://www.bikebiz.com/news/read/hayes-now-offers-lifetime-leak-proof-warranty-on-all-disc-brakes/015651]Hayes now offers lifetime leak-proof warranty on all disc brakes | Bicycle Business | BikeBiz[/url] [I][C ... Read More »

Issues setting up new Reba with Hayes Stroker and 180mm disc.

Just put a new Reba on my Inbred and I'm having some issues around the setup with my existing parts. Hayes Stroker with 180mm disc is causing some issues with the caliper rubbing against the disc. I'm using a shimano adapter for the spacing but there isn't quite enough sideways movement in the calip ... Read More »

best disc upgrade for girlfriend's bike (Hayes Stroker Trail? on-sale at Pricepoint)

Hello all, I bought my gf a Cannondale Trail 6 last year and the Tektro mech brakes really stink on there, I cannot get the rear brake to stop squealing and it is turning her off. I was looking at options to upgrade her and my top 2 priorities are: 1) quiet 2) modulation I don't want anything so ... Read More »

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